Wednesday, April 29, 2009

still can't link and will go to wordpress if this isn't adressed. These are not idle threats!

Doin a little blog spring cleaning and much work to be done. I am satisfied with the lime green background and that's about it. I don't even like limes but I just think that it was a happy accident as it is GREEN. As members of my vast social online networking effort know by now--- TARRA cares about the EARTH.

My adorable but autistic godson asked me " What did you call it before Green Movement?" He's the son of a wonderful womyn named Abby Shumer Donner who's muffin business is still in the works and I will link you to her when she feels confident in her template etc.

I think I might have mentioned her in an earlier post. She has invited me to possibly join a collective of womyn who are business savvy etc, and I pretend to be business savvy as I am desperate for capital but I guess I can be business savvy if I try hard enought. Anyhow, she told me in so many words that her vision of this business is to really get Muffins to be the next cupcake or frozen yogurt craze. She is sure that she can feel the world wearying of frozen yogurt with upscale toppings and she is positive that cupcakes will go the way of crispy cremes and that Muffins by early 2010 will be the must eat pastry. I am angling to enter the market then with salty snacks and such and I have loads of ideas that can launch me back to the fiscal state denied me because of Mr. Bernie Maddoff.

I would link you to that post where I go into some detail about what happened and how became one of the poor overnight but blogger has some new bug and won't let me link or put up pics and I ....

I was speechless and not just because I'd not yet swallowed the delish wine I was drinking-- I was speechless because I had these memories of how lonely and hard it was for me 5 years ago before the Green earth movement became a proper movement.

I would tell people how we weren't take full advantage of compost and get dirty looks and I would shriek when I saw syrofoam and I was called names that can't be repeated here or I will have to make the extra effort of making this an Adult content site. I have many of those already but they won't let me link them here.

It's not porno or anything but you'd have to be the judge because there is a quote that says abour porno that says how you know it when you see it. Well, like most quotes if really think about it isn't all that. I mean, that can apply to pretty much everything. You pretty much can say that most things can be known when seen???? NO??

I won't wait for your opinion on that as that wouldn't mesh with the realities of cyber realities etc. ie. I'd be sitting here just staring and the screen and nothing would get done.

back to my erotic oriented blog which I can't post here as this is my more "socially acceptable" one.

I can see those blogs returning me to my affluence very soon as they seem to have the right mixture of Spirituality and down low Lesbian lust. I essentially show short films that I make for a queer friendly, queer curious and straight audiences. I have lots of hits and that is the only reason that I still have not had to sell my last remaining asset(My napa cottage btw)

The biggest blessing has been my cinemotographer who has a GENIUS way of interpersing genitals in a manner that is both Wicked and enlightening. Hard to describe, I guess. You'd have to see it to know and I can't link it as this is my "family friendly" blog that I plan to monetize but that needs to stay relatively sex free.

Well, I see I still have that one solo follower and that it is I. I have been reaching out to other blogger and ever since I learned the blogroll gadget I've added blogs from all over the world and commented widely on many blogs. My willingness to "reach in and out" have not been met with any noticeable results but so much is not really noticeable nowadays. There could be folks from Burma to Bangolor tothe Balkans(That sounds like something written by Obama's very awesome speechwriter) really enjoying my blog but just too shy or illiterate to respond in a way that would give me less of a sense of shame in having over 40 commentless posts.

In Blogging for Morons(Which isn't as good as Blogging for imbecies, dummies, and idiots btw) it says that you need to keep blog postings short and so even though I can keep going and have many things to discuss I will take refuge in this ... ellipsis... and hope that sits well with my possibly very vast( but still too silent for my tastes) readership.

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