Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eyebrows do have a purpose!!!!

Okay, you guys I only have 2 teabags left so I should be back to normal by Monday.

I was sure that by now with me revealing this tea and even store I bought it-- that i'd be besieged by teens e-mailing me and begging me to 'hook them up," as teens love to get high in any way shape or form. Teens will snort or swallow anything with the promise of making teenhood pass less intensely or more intensely, depending on the teen.

But, talking about teens is just not my thing. Talking about tea is though and I plan to start adding pics of the new tea blends I've discovered on my travels and steeping tips that I'm in the process of perfecting.

Of course it's hard to pinpoint what has made my posts so zaaaaaaaaaany in the last few days and it could be some blood sugar issue, some sudden onset lactos intolerance that causes silly or searing insights(depending on your dispostion) and the nutty thing where I actually send a link to my blog to people from my past. That feels nutty in that Howard Dean way-- like remember how could could just tell he was feeling wild and wooly and wonderful and the world was like you are running for president you can't just get like that as we just are not on your "frequency" at this moment and a too large faction is going to just go " he crazy."
I'm really not even defending or relatng to Howard Dean or even defending or relating to Dan rather(frequency reference???) it's just that I know when typing away am aware that people who mattered (and obviously still do to some degree) might or not see it and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

Why the Howard Dean mention where he is not currently in the news at all?? I don't really know but I woke up thinking about him and then I thought of Susan Boyle and Nicholas Hughes and then for the first time I checked for a wikipedia on Susan boyle and planned to check on a wikipedia for Nicholas Hughes( The recent suicide and son of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes) but I never did got around to googling Mr. Hughes as I got too stimulated by what I found out about Susan Boyle and because by reading the wikipedia entry of the wonderful Ms. Boyle solved a personal mystery that's been plaguing me since I discovered this loony tea. All day yesterday, I keep thinking Nicholas Hughes Susan Boyle and writing poems to both in my head and it's very distracting especially when you are at the 99 cents store on Western and sunset,and a bunch of People in line before you are wearing t-shirts that say "Remember the Armenian Genocide" and you are thinking " Is that what that traffic was all about and all those sweet looking middle aged black lady traffic cops about, this morning?" And, then right in the middle of this "poem" in your head you are thinking, " What the hell. Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance day and the day before was earth day and now this...."
And, you want to use that jewish brain of yours to counsel the Armenians about how the Jews haven't caused any traffic snafus with their special day and you shouldn't either and all those black t-shirts and flags of dark and foreboding colors(The flag of Armenia) are scary looking and won't incur the sympathy or empathy or humanity that softer colors and less traffic snarls would. And then you think how in NY you never met an Armenian but here you've met about 20 and that as a group they seem very nice if not too heavily eyebrowed. And, then you think of their genocide and how they need a jew to market that better because I've heard of it and I feel just as bad about pretty much all genocides but when I am stuck in traffic because of some vicious Turkish bastards decades before then I'm just going to leave my sympathies with just the earth and the jews.

Well, the mystery????? What was that? Oh yes. Why Nicholas Hughes and Susan Boyle are inextricably linked in my head to such a degree that I can't make it stop. So, I looked up Ms. Boyle today. Firstly, because I was suddenly very curious as to when her Birthday was because as the luscious Korey Lewis knows she got me into astrology to a very minor degree. So, I was thinking I bet Susan is either a Fire or air sign and guess what I was right. I thought that she had way too much sex appeal to "have never been kissed" and I pegged her for the sign she turned out to be. I'm not being facetious at all. I don't get this fuss about Susan's supposed lack of looks. She's not gorgeous but she's attractive and with that talent....
And, reading this entry I figure out why she and Nicholas Hughes(and Freda and Sylvia and Ted for that matter )are meeting up in my gourmet tea addled mind. And, that is. Drumroll??? NO?

Because Susan Boyle turned 48 on April 1, after a tragic time where her mother died and she couldn't leave the house etc. 10 days later she is now SUSAN BOYLE, know what I'm sayin. And then I though of how there is nothing sadder than suicide. Nothing. Hardassed types will say that there is and that they wanted it that away etc, but I disagree.

Anyhow,Nicholas killed himself at 47 and I don't know when his birthday was but I'm going to find out. And, they are linked because maybe if Nicholas had turned on the telly and seen Susan Boyle's singing "So different from this hell I'm living" and then seemingly leaving that hell behind her, that he'd hold on longer. Well, that's what that was about, apparently. I know he died sometime in March so it was too late by then but the timing is still approximate enough to be meaningful.

See, the Armenian eyebrow thought jogged the thought of Susan and all the criticism her eyebrows have been getting and this led to my conclusion. I ended up buying 30 99 cent things and staying out of too much trouble for the rest of the evening???

And, you????

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