Friday, April 24, 2009

Octo polar non mom

Okay, you guys after a swim and some more tea I'm back and not feeling quite right but what are you going to do. I've always been creative and my scrapbooks are filled with artistic touches and though when I did pottery none of my pots were masterpeices they showed potential.My sculpture was more a stinker than the thinker(rodin reference) but how many talents can one have.

But, since this tea that I discovered only yesterday at a funky far out cozy bistroish/boutiquey tea shop in Larchmont village
I've been awash it what if I hate to call it a name i'd call it - Profoundicitis. And, it's surely one of those mixed blessing feeling. Alisa has mentioned it to me in passing and I just pretended to understand but now I think i do and it is WHACK. I simply can't afford to be this way as I near my very ripe middle ages.

I mean I want to right odes to Susan Boyle and poems to freda(The only survivor of the Hughes Plath union) and all these wierd things that are really pretty maudlin if you think about it but I still do and then that means I'll have to probaby figure out how to share those thoughts and then my life will get even more complicated.

It's obvious from my colorful vocab and my derrida references I've been through the higher education mill but till now when I read or heard about motifs , and liet motifs, and paradoxes I got it a little but not a lot. Today, due to this tea I do and then I remember this book called "the Courage to create," by rollo may that I read many years ago in college and like most books you have to read for a grade I memorized it more than anything as otherwise I'd fail the test that was due 4 hours after I started it. Well, anyway, Rollo may like lil rounds has a great name and I want to read that book again. I also want to post some of my fave poems. Hopefully, tommorow this tea will just became like regular tea and I can go back to blogging about celeb gossip and stuff. I mean it wasn't like I was Charly before the operation in flowers for algernon or anything but right about now I am missing the somewhat simple Tarra Slovan of yesteryear(even yesterday)
When and if that happens I'll delete this all and start up a blog that really is centric to something. gadgetcentric, dotcentric, fashioncentric or maybe just a whole blog about teas as there are others out there already who appear to be able to monetize.

And, Alisa is seemingly really cool to me to as is her family and I just pray to godess that this all passes and that I could go back to the me with her salt and pepper hair, her roomy yet organically fibered sundress, and her left wing stances on all matters. We'll see. Maybe this tea will take weeks to get out of my system and I'll write some poem that will bring poets back to the time when they were booked on tv shows or maybe I'll see all the possibility too clearly and then its pale reflection in reality and take a leap off a tall building or hang myself up to dry except i'm not a cleaners and dryinng out wouldn't be the end result.

this tea is NUTSO and makes me feel not just Bi polar but tri polar and I feel like I might be octo polar and that is not just because I want some cheap hits from people looking up the latest on octo--mom.

I do hope that Terri Cheney, the manic lawyer, does find this blog and me and her can talk law and stuff.

off I go to clean the grout out of Alisa's keyboard.

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