Friday, April 24, 2009

not best to blog right about now.

It's not working any one out there on blogger having the same issue. Take your time in responding as I am off to take a swim to burn off this excess energy.

I decided that I must have steeped the tea too long or something and the same feeling I had yesterday-- of being footloose and fancy free and incapable of feeling so comfortable writing even something unorigina like "footloose and fancy free" is there in some capacity but is now mixed with agitation.

I want to write my biography all of a sudden and that is just sad when one is obscure. I want to call it. NO GUTS. NO GLORY. Or something equally uninspired but I first need to establish a certain recognitin factor before that would be a viable enterprise and Tarra is one unviable enterprise away from the homeless shelter. LOL. LOL.

Off I go to swim and when I get back I hope that Susan Boyle has a new single out as to be honest that's what I'm looking forward to more than about anything. She certainly doesn't even have to write it or compose it her self and it certainly doesn't have to have a catchy tune that will get her noticed. Lets, get real, a large portion of the worlds population would gasm if they knew she was only interpreting pretty much any song out there already.

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