Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It is earthh day, you guys. the pic above is of a dear friend named Jazmine Ponce who is fighting very hard to not let united airlines charge the obese extra for their food addictions. Jazmine Ponce is a big beautiful woman who is a major comedy fan as well. Her knees are going as they hold too much weight but she is an inspiration as unlike so many who look that way and simply become shut ins she gets out nightly to support comics and bake them yummy goodies. I love you girl, and let's hope this year is your year to find love.

I plan to really really celebrate today despite my monumental issues that now consist of a defective hit counter and a mounting hostility to the blogger people who have made no effort to help. I do love my monkey hit counter though. I plan to really make lemonade out of my hit counter problem and keep an eye out for more hit counters with whimsy.

This is my holiday even more than gay pride. Gay pride has become commercialized and I often feel angry when gay men with chaps and nothing underneath represent my lifestyle.
This is my holiday- the day where I walk outside and smell the roses and feel the breeze-- a breeze that would probably not exist if not for my tireless efforts to stop plastic bag usage and now to stop gift cards.

Now, that my budget doesn't allow me to only sustain myself with whole foods products I've been out there and it's ugly. People are not "GETTING IT."

They are not purchasing clothe bags en masse as they should and global warming is a constant threat which hovers like an anvil.

I now have 7 different clothe bags and I am wearing my clothe bag with the image of Al Gore on it as he is the ghandi of global warming???

I can't help but understand eco terrorists who blow up buildings and stuff but I also think that Al Gore by just being an example and agreeing to appear in documentaries that discuss that the earth is warming at an alarming rate is my fearless leader.

I wish he looked better. He used to be quite handsome but now their is an unseemly vulcanism to his appearance that shouldn't be there if he was eating right. His pallor is a strong indication of the wrong biotics.

I guess he and Tipper are too busy to worry so much about what goes into their systems. I say we start sending them care packages with yummy but earthsparing foods.

I hope that this spurs action out there and that when I return to my blog this evening a movement of sorts is in place.

When I was in Grad schoool I seemed to have such an easy time spurring grassroots movements. I would be the one prepping the flyers and making sure that our buttons and banner got out there. But, lately, I just have been too engrossed with grossness. LOL. So, I am putting out a call to the blogosphere and though I anticipate dissapointment I still have my fingers crossed.

What shall I do for earth day?

I think I'm going to go to supermarkets and politely lecture those who agree to plastic bags and maybe even offer to make them a clothe bag for a good price.

Or I'll plant a tree. That's always great. But, I don't remember how to so I'll have to google that for sure.

I do feel that blogging is earth friendly as it doesn't require paper as diaries and journals do and it's those things that add up you guys.

I'm getting all heated up just thinking about global warming and how so few give a damned shit about what goes into our landfills and how few know the meaning of compost heaps. I'm all sweaty and thank god and thanks to my circle's tireless efforts i won't need an aorosol spray to stanch the sweat. We have made progress!!!

I feel better.

I'm in the stinky aired L.A this morning to tesitify against my villanious "life . coach." See previous posts. Here the homeless rarely have rasta hair and it makes me sad.

the summmer of love happened on Haight. Wierd. NO?

I'm off to by some earth day greeting recyled cards for my friends and I hope this blog picks up when I return.

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