Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tripp Johnson will have a hard enough time with that silly name

I am sorry but I just am really dissapointed that I try to rally you guys to do something for fucking earth day, the day that is about the EARTH, and nothing. A few mysterious hits by god's knows who and Eyevonne and her friends nowhere in sight and I am just angry at you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, I'm in L.A with my hypercritical webmistress and her family and they are driving me bonkers as my webmistress's mom watches FoX news intermingled with CNN all day and I am about to BURST.

I'm not even the type of womyn loving womyn who goes for gratutious cleavage so that's not even acting as a salve as these lady FOX anchors get progressively less clothed throughout the day.

So, the hell with my earth day efforts which have been just IGNORED. I guess I'll talk about the news and what's current and hope that one of these days I'll come to my puter and feel like the susan boyle of blogs. As many of my rapt readership knows
I have recently encountered indigence to to the theft of my affluence by Mr Bernard Madoff who I only knew as Bernie.

So, my life know is very challenging and I've got to cut corners until my luck changes and I can walk the aisles of Whole foods without a thought to why the same Houmous in Ralphs costs three dollars more there. These sorts of questions plague me now and it's not fun. That fer sure.

Anyway, I'm trying to keep a breast(no pun intended) of the news and current events with gossip and celebrities ans such so as to attract an avid fanbase, as they say.

Anyway, my life coach won't plea to five counts of fraud and I won't plea to being responsible for my pit bull's bad behaviour and my life is now all about 12 people. I am totally focused on those 12 people who will by forever in my heart. I love you future jury and I bet you are one smart and handsome bunch and I look forward to our party afterwards. I'm already thinking about the cantoloupe juice and vegan munchies that i'll serve. Cantaloupe juice? Saw it today at Albertons and had to try it and it seems that cantaloupe will leave pomegranate juice in the dust if it has equal or even more antioxidants. every fruit seems to get their day in the sun nowadays.

The poor Palins. Levi Johnson is now on Larry King. Of course, as a progressive womyn I despise them and their savagery to mooses but as I sit here Bristol Palin's boyfriends is on tv with that raisiny Larry King and imagine that kind of public inspection feels like. Why is that young boy on TV?? I don't get it.

Then you have that poor Anthony Family and the murder of that ideal looking baby, Cayley. I sure hope that's the babies name I never can figure out no matter how hard I try who is cayley and who is casey. All I can gather is that the baby or as crazy Nancy Grace calls her-- TOT MOM-- is the sweetest looking honey baby and I wish I could raise her. The tot mom is obviously a bad seed type and I miss that baby and never even knew her.

I never was a big fan of Larry King until I realized that he was championing Joy Behar. My webmistress,Alisa, and her family absolutely have only disgust for Mr. Joy Behar and I just am finding that to be an unbridgeable ..... gap, i guess. They all marvel how she gets any work and how lucky it is that hag Barbara Walters plucked her from "deserved obscurity" and put her under her wing. Now they are very irritated that Larry King has now seen fit to promote the grand Ms. Behar and gives her whole shows to herself. They positively can't have a meaningful conversation with me about how wonderful I find Joy without them getting rude and so I'm feeling really happy that I can blog and share by mad love. LOL. Share my great appreciation for the beauty and genius that is Ms. Behar. That hair, that voice, that sparkling wit all just set a fire to parts of me that can't be discussed here. I have agreed to disagree with Alisa and her family about this but there definately is tension in the air and I've snuck off to Abbots Habit for a latte and some lone time with my laptop.

Oh yeah, what provoked my defense of the very dear Ms. Behar. Well, the hysterical behar was being skeptical about Susan Boyle and if it really shocked the judges. She's sassy and skeptical and I wouldn't have her any other way but this family of my webmisstress and my webmistress just were like "Shut up you..." They didn't even say anything they just can't even bare it when Joy shares her wondefully cockeyed view of the world. AS for my opinion. I sure hope that everything about the Susan Boyle story is on the up and up because it does it for me in my current vulnerable situation.

The whole Johson family is now on Larry King and I just can't see why and now they have a lawyer and Larry King is a serpent and I'm getting stressed by the fact that this family is on Larry King as they have no good reason to discuss anything with the world. There are making us libs feel bad for that moose slaughtering harpy, Sarah Palin, and that is not good.

Ok, that should do for now. I hope some of you all thought long and hard about the earth today.

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