Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joy Behar is my american idol

Oh gosh, I almost forgot to share my views of yesterday's American Idol.

Lil Rounds- It's time to "let it go."
Matt Giraud- nice earth friendly seemming boy but bores me already, Still glad he was saved because he a very sweet smile.

Adam Lambert- Also a cute kid and seems to have been through the mill despite the fact that by all measures he shouldn't have. Looks a bit like a monstrous ex so that doesn't help me when it comes time to vote, though I tend to not vote in general due to my middle aged status and tendency towards self immersion. Anyhow, I think he is no Susan Boyle but he is definately talented and a performer. To be honest, he doesn't kill me good or anything like that but I wish him well and see quite a future for this young lad(I'm part brit)

Anoop Desai- AS I've said I have a soft spot for Desai's and Anoop is no exception. Something cute and intelligent about him and I wish him well and think he's a lovely boy.

Danny Gokey- To be honest, I see he is doing very well in this competition and he too seems perfectly decent though some have decided to loathe him but I just can't get into his voice and he looks like one of my nutty uncles so...

Allison something Asian last name-- Let's get real she's got the whisky voiced thing and you know what we've all seen and heard that whisky janis joplin thing and it's just boring

Who else? They said there were 7..

I am drawing a complete blank and that might bode or it might not bode but I just....

Oh yes, the handsome boy Kris Allen and he is no genius voicewise but he's fine and I like him and wish him well.

Now, who is the 7th???????????????????????

Leave Susan Boyles eyebrows as they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hair is natural and SENSUAL-- the more the better.

I insist that there are only six and I don't want to google. OK, that's it I can't think of the 7th. Maybe it's because of all the blood that flows down there when I picture Joy Behar-- That voice, that hair, those teeth, those legs....

SOrry you guys, I gotta go.

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Nomad said...

I love how they keep saying "This is the most groundbreaking, shocking American Idol ever" ... every week