Thursday, April 23, 2009

a small bite of my multitasking book.

Dueling Hit counters?

The monkey one says one number and the other one says something else. Blogger people??? What is up??? Can't you fix my hit counter please.

I can pretend all I want that I do this strictly out of passion but that isn't the whole story as I am indigent and hope to monetize my blog someday --as they say.

I looked over my last entry and it is just chock full o typos. I kind of am in between wanting to fix them and why bother which is how I'm feeling in general.

Soon the 9 a.m will hit and I'll have to feel guilty and bad about not being scheduled from 9-5. I used to be fine with that as I did volunteer work for the community and I also was able to schedule a wide and costly array of busymaking as well as spiritually enriching activities. I took poetry classes and pottery classes and even glass tinting classes-- not to mention the non stop cooking class tear I was on for over four years. Last year alone I took or a attended a Reiki healing class , feldenkries as bodily feng shui symposium , a fibromylgia awareness seminar, a Thai massage tutorial and four memoir writing seminars at the Esalen institute. Not to mention the cooking cozy series at the local chapter of
As for volunteer work -- that is not possible as every moment must be spent to regain my lifestyle. On the news there was a terrible bad man as he is a CEO and he killed himself from what appears his inability to sustain his lifestyle. I'm no business corporate evil type but it scared me when I realized that going to Alberton's and buying third rate Soy products was starting to take its toll.

Now, with this complete lack of funds available because of Bernie Madoff's malfeasance, ahem, I just have to figure out different ways to enrich myself and there is just so many minutes I can kill praying to godess that the 99 cent's store gets those 16 dollar alpha hydroxy peels again.

Anyhow, I still am multitasking and hoping one of the tasks leads to a permanent bliss state or whatnot. As fans, friends, and partners in crime(LOL) of my blog should know by now if they were paying any damn attention. LOL. They should know that I am in the process of writing a book on common multitasking accidents and how to avoid them etc. This light bulb(so to speak --of course) went off when I went to staple a batch of documents and instead stapled my dog's paw as he was set for a trimming and so I'd cut the paper and stapled the paw. This is not the first time I have had to reign in my multitasking. My dog shortly afterward attacked a an organic seed salesman and was then murdered by the police. That's one that still brings such hurt than I'm having a hard time with that chapter and hope I have the strength to include it.

But, it's not all heavy stuff like that and there is a light anecdote about how I poured creamer in the middle of my keyboard and began typing away at the top of my coffee mug. I am lol'ing now but back then it wasn't one bit funny and money was lost and pain was gained. I In this book I'm going to really get down and dirty and reveal my most embarrassing multitasking accidents to date.

OK, I'm not a tease and I understand that my readeship consists of those that are intrigued by my womyn to womyn disposition so I'll give you a teaser about a lesbien drenched episode...

Some four months ago everyone at my gay church and me decided that it was time for Tarra to partner up again and Tarra reluctantly agreed. The scrapbooking, the rainbow flag collecting, and the feldenkries was fulfilling me but the world snuck in and I gave in and felt unfulfilled etc.

So, I am living my northern Californian life of affluence and I am busy busy busy as both a bee and a beaver or whatever insect or animal is alleged to be busy-- you get the idea. And, I'm blogging and going to far out and funky flea markets in Sebastapol to find far out and funky rainbow flags that are distinct to those I have and all that good stuff and I get a call from Matt from my gay church and he tells me he's in love and he found his "better half." on MaybeMarried?.com, a site where the name says a lot as it's a place for gays who hope to get married someday to meet and plan matching suits and dresses and that sort of thing if the time ever comes where the closedminded bitches and bastards give us rights to wed. Which has now spurred me to contemplate writing a blog post about the Miss America Scandal with Perez Hilton.

You know what, I have to go , I'll tell you my most embarrassing multitasking accident when I get back. Alisa my webmistress just woke and I think she needs the puter or her sister or one of them just rustled in the distance. bye later!!

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