Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dennis Miller WTF, Craiglist killer is not original and justifies the exorbitant fees that profilers have been charging.

I am embarrassed you guys. I realized that that rustling sound was just in my imagination and the puter is mine till probably when Alisa usually stomps out of bed. Of course, I have a Macbook but it won't get a signal in this godforsaken aparment complex. So, I'm writing to you from some PC and it just makes me so grateful that soon I'll be back with my Mac. Alisa doesn't even have a laptop? That's kind of sad.

Anyway, So where was I before when I thought I had to run but it turns out I didn't:

Ok, The Miss America gay scandal Perez Hilton that is sweeping America, maybe the world, and has definately gotten the attention of Greta Van Sustern from what I can tell. Is she family?? Even Nancy Grace is said to have considered interrupting her 24/7 cayley and heighliegh slain or missing children stories for a moment before she remembers a dead American Soldier in Iraq or Afganistan.

Anyway, the craiglist killer is on tv or someone talking about him and he is such a cliche with his souvenirs now, and how they found him in possession of panty hose that apparently were those of the murdered "masseuse." I don't claim to be an original wimmin but mix it up a little. GEEZ.

So, that's right. Yes. The gay miss america idol furor. I think "furor" is appropriate. What about you? Please feel free to share in my comments section. Anyhows, so this furor is WEIRD. I mean... as a blogger I can't help but be judgemental of Perez Hilton as not only has he a very similar name to a most vacous womyn, ahem, but he his blog is all about celebrity and he doesn't seem even earth friendly, so I just can't on his side easily. I haven't learned to blogroll but I do doubt I'll blogroll him if I knew how. Or maybe I would. I don't know.

That's not the point. The point is that as I am forced to pick up bits of Fox news in this goddessforsaken apartment with this politically confused family I heard a very wonderful synospis of it and I was on the patio with a hookah and I walked in to see who was giving this salient commentary and it was DENNIS MILLER. That, DENNIS MILLER, the repug who is a big time enemy of my people on the left. Imagine how bad that felt for me to agree with him and he is very bright.

Enough of that or I will totally alienate my readership if I say good things about him and don't at least mention Jinane Garafolo.

Well, my train of thought is 5 hours late. hee hee and LOL.

I came here to tell you my most embarrassing and sexually salacious multitasking incident/accident and I totally got caught up in the hubbub of current events. NOw, I've definately heard some sounds of my webmistress and her family and I need to run and hope my Mac boots up at a tea shoppe only 3 miles away.
After a tart darjeerling and a toasted half english muffin I should be able to stay on focus!!!

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