Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not only am I embarrassed that I was wrong about the rustling and ran off in hysteria but now I'm embarrassed that I mispelled lesbian in my last post and that I forget to mention that because of a spacing error I did in fact cover all the American Idols and thought I'd only covered 6.

But, that's old news as the show was yesterday and I and american or maybe the world had to bid adieu(SPELLING?) to Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai. What fun sounding names. Anyway, I have to say that Anoop was getting life lessons of a sort I'm still not sure are good or bad but certainly will keep the appearance of cockiness at bay for some time. At the end, I was very sad to see him go as he had soul in his voice and Tarra likes that as soul is nice. As or Lil Rounds, I must say that she had a disarming smile. By the end of the show, her voice became utterly unintersting and yesterday as she did her farewell song I was too bored with that aspect and though about smiles and how disarming hers was because everytime I thought she was going to go all "attitudinal" she would smile and I'd think, " I misjudged you Lil."

I read somewhere that Adam Lambert was chunky once and was picked on and let's not mince words(NO PUN INTENDED!!) but if he isn't gay then either is my favorite designer before my indigence: Isaac Mizrachi.

Enuff said, but I think he's been stress eating as he is gettting bigger in the cheeks. Is it just me? Comments section below. Just click on link. Thanks.

Did in a non post modern ironic fashion enjoy Ms. Paula Abdul's choreography and how Disco now is no long something us boomers or xers need to revile but just can see it as nostalgia. I have two left feet. Literally. I mean, weird things do happen in nature. Plus, I have spatial arrangement challenges that must involve some labial fold of my brain so I'm very impressed with dance moves or whatever as I would just giggle nervously in any dance class that showed up when i was studying to be an actress.

That was a mess. I would tell my dance teacher about my left feet and he would think i was acting. They look alike and all so he failed me and mocked me quite mercilessly and till today I plan to SHOW him.

What I'll show him I do not know but it won't be my boobies.

Ok, that darjeerling tea was laced with something WIERD and I fear I'm going to say wildly inaproppriate things if I don't just keep my hands off this keyboard. I'm feeling Mental or Manic or whatever it is you feel when you feel frisky and afraid at the same time.

I haven't even remotely discussed my multitasking accident that involves intense saphic undertones but I really do think that that tea shop is doing something hinky to justify them charging 11 for a cup of tea and to keep em coming back and I am just feeling really WIERd so I'll be back when I'm better.

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