Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ok, this isn't funny anymore. There was something funny in that tea. I looked it up as I remembered that the tea barrista said it was a Minnetonka blend and I googled it and it turns out that it is great for IBS but it " often has the side effect of woozy and weird ravings." So, I don't know my tummy and bowels feel good but I'm not quite sure if I should be blogging in this state. I guess I could always delete it and this way maybe a hot shot blogger will mentor me and I can quit fretting about my penury, as they say.

Till then though I'm just going to realize that tea doesn't cost 11 dollars a cup for nothing. I mean, people are not thaaaaaaaaat stupid.

So, this Minnetonka Tea that I accidently thought was jsut regular Darjeerling is wild tea and I feel really wild and free and who I am to be and to ryhme and stuff without rebuff to feel to see what needs to me.

Ok, this is out of cooooooooontrol. From what I can see from this blog which is not showing up as a clickable link for some reason. Please, paste it into your browser.

But, which I'm not sure is accurate is that the Minnetonka is Kefir based and so it can cause you to feel wonky. Which makes me think of Wonkette and I wonder what kind of blog she is doing that has launched her out of I need to do day job land. This makes me think of Willie Wonka and How I want a peice of chocolate and then I think of Susan Boyle again and how I read yesterday that despite over 100, 000,000 hits to that clip no one has been able to "monetize" this yet and it occured to me that I've always been very uncapable of monetizing anything and if it wasn't for the money left me by my patronizing father I'd be indigent since forever as opposed to having to experience this economic downturn with so many people throughout the land. Plus, I'm thinking how the hit counter went dead and even if this blog did take off like Ms. Boyle(LOVE HER) I'd fail to monetize it somehow.

As my silent followers(and there seems to be one or two of you at any given time according my monkey counter) know I've been blogging about being a victim of the recession and still able to eat gourmet and also about current events and true crimes and whatever I think feels like discussion fodder and also while trying to maintain physical, mental, spiritual, psychic, and fiscal health. which again makes me think of Susan Boyle and then feel cheap that I might be mentioning her again just to get hits to my crappy monkey hit counter.

As you can imagine I'm at back at the tea shoppe and thank godess they have that great kind of wifi that lets me use my laptop so I'm going to be laptopping all day though I fear it just might fall off the table and into my lap as i feel so woozy and wired and weird typing in such a nuuuuuutty way from L.A and feeling all loving towards my webmistress and her family and just glad to be alive and to be a part of the nine social networks that I've joined and to have over 3,000 friends I have yet to meet and yet to know if they are using thier given names and just can't wait to Twitter this afternoon and youtube more Susan Boyle as something about the middle of that 7 minutes just spirals me into better serontonin. And, I just want to say good morning to my new freinds and when I return I'll share with you my LE Misrables story which also leads back to Susan Boyle etc..

Which leads me to ponder levels of talent and how that David Archulletta boy has more talent than all the current american idol contestants and that song was good somehow and I'm not ashamed to admit it and how his talent is more in league with Boyle....

I'm going to the ATM as the credit card machine is broken at this tea shoppe in Larchmont Village and I need another cup and no free refills. Blaarrrrrgh.


crane lammott said...

this is too sophistacaed for most to get. But, I loooooved it.

Tarra Slovan said...

Thanks, Crane.
Just saw your comment. I keep on missing nice comments. Thanks again.