Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shoah, Anchluss, Benigni, Anne Frank, and I

Oh no I'm baaaaaaaack. This is ridiculous but this CRAZY AZZ TEA is to blame.

So, I am all petered out from Earth Day and I hear on the news that it's Holocaust remembrance day and I then realize that then comes Mother's day and I just about drank the tea down when it was scalding. I'm staying pro bono at Alisa My webmisstress's house and I not only have to force myself to remember the holocaust today for her but then I have to get her a gift soon too if I'm still stuck here as my life coach refuses to take a plea deal and wants to "take it to trial."
I will need to reply the Susan Boyle clip on an hourly basis to cope and of course now I have this tea.

I mean who is in charge that would place earth day and holocaust memorial day consecutively like that?????????????

I know that my webmistresses mom was there but it turns out that she was actually less starved and abused than 98 percent of the jews that were there as she and her family were accidently or somehow purposely sent to Strasshoff in Austria as opposed to Aushwitz, and so when she got around to the concentration camp that Anne Frank made famous, Bergen Belsen, she and her family were famished as opposed to starved completely and then there in Bergen Belsen they were put in the "Hungarian Camp" as opposed to the star camp made famous by Anne Frank. This hungarian camp was somewhat of a blood for trucks special unit of Bergen Belsen as Eichman was making deals with variuos devils in exchange for the prospect of Nazi POW's and and Alisa's mother was one of his bargaining chips. Too nutty and not politically interesting to my leftist circle but still interesting.

What's also upsettingly intersting is that this truly repulsive thing called Tig Notaro has in recent documents said that this woman tells everyone who will listen that she is a "Holocaust Survivor." Firstly, who do you know that she has ever talked to you disgusting piece of phlegm? Secondly, she only said this to the sad sad hack Brian Whitaker becuase you tried to sic a skinhead on her and she wanted him to know she wasn't scared and then again once to that corrupt hellbound judge she said it as a way of explaining why she was involved at all. Thirdly, She is known to not mention it to anyone and lived for 70 years in new york and elsewhere and only about 2 percent of the people who knew her would know this fact, So, more defamation claims against this loser, Tig Notaro, are forthcoming as are battery claims as she is now the Manson behind this particular situation but to me, at least, Manson has more charm.

Lying and then getting desperate but tall and even strapping comedians to batter holocaust survivors seems wrong, no? But, sociopaths don't discriminate. That's fer sure. Blech on that thing.

I tell you despite my peace loving actions and beleifs this Mathilde who self nicknames herself "Tig," is in BIG TROUBLE. That will be a great story soon but now it's as raw as my pit bull's murder. Because despite me bellyaching about my webmistress, Alisa, I know who she is and who her family is and this Sewer sludge named Tig Notaro does not.

Could it be?
Could it be?
That all it took was Minnetonka tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

As one familiar with the Hungarian family in question (though years have passed I have no doubt they still rank among the finest), I would be willing to form some sort of torch-wielding one-woman mob in order to bring justice to someone ridiculous enough to call herself Tig in the first place.

Tarra Slovan said...

I think I know who you are and therefore too much to say in these comment whosamagigigs but you just might be called as a witness, crazily enough-- if push comes to shove. Give me a hint, if you respond , are you from the NOCAL region of which I say I hail?

Tarra Slovan said...

Now, that I know who you are as we made contact via the e-mail can you please put your more flattering impressions on the comment pages rather than via the email as I find public praise to be preferable.

P.S alliteration unintended.