Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a susan boyle world- if we just let it.

Is it possible to be in love with a new template???

Seriously, you guys. When I woke up this morning I never once thought I fall in love with a template but as you should see-- this template is the answer!!! I just know it.

Went out for a stroll to get my weight down and just to in general get more fresh air.Came upon a place that sells day old scones that taste completely honestly and compeltely fresh and was feelling pretty damned awesome if not upset at the deadly mixture(to me at least) of discount scones and then I got home and Ashton Kuthcher and Puffy daddy combs was on CNN and I could just feel my mood plummet for no understandable reason. I called my webmisstress, Alisa, and she told me why but I am too angry with her to quote her here. She has already rejected all my advances to get her to follow me on Twitter and she doesn't even facebook or even myspace and she is all about yammering about the justice system since she met some really scary bad lesbians named Mathilde Notaro and Stephanie(Stef) Willen who drunk on wishful thinking invented a whole scenario where she stalks and harrasses them. As beastly as I find Alisa she ain't no stalker. I've seen all the evidence and it's very disturbing that such sociopaths like Willen and Notaro exist and that they can get away with a lot of a long while just by being without consience.

Either way, I now don't have to go sconeless as I'd feared and I do feel fortunate in a post modernish ironic derrida way that I have lost my fortune at a time where it seems so many others have. Lot's of commiseration out there how bad the world is and so that helps.

I took deconstructive feminist theory in college and I still often marvel at Focault's " A pipe is not a pipe." I can't get over that my granpaw was smoking something else in some existnsial way and what the hell was it if it wasn't a pipe?

Geez, my brain is tired and it's just past daybreak. I'm going to butter a scone, toast it up, brew a cup of albertons java, and pray that peace and joy reign today and that I make more twitter followers and that Ashton Kutcher is one of them because apparently he is very good at promotion etc. I don't find him yummy but as a businessman you've got to give him that credit once reserved for Madonna. You know that credit you feel forced to give some one down deep ya think is a little big evil.

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Anonymous said...

The story of what Notaro and Willen did is amazing. They are two sad evil lesbians. They give gays a bad name.