Thursday, April 23, 2009

Joanna Newsom is my new Susan Boyle tilll Susan sing over the rainbow stat

I've been checking in with other blogs on blogger today to lend my support and hope that trackback or whatever it is polite in these situations and I see that there are quite a bit of hispano-latino cultures involved in blogging and that a lot of people love Jesus all over the world and that a blog about Dots has way more comments and views than mine, and I left a bit of caustic comment on that one which I've come to regret but also undertand that it is too late to change that. And so many blogs that follow my on that "next blog" thing that are in spanish or something resembling spanish.

And, it reminded me how I've gotten lax with my hispanico latino enunciation lately and how a liberal lady like me should always strive to enunciate hispanico latinaaaa words when possible.

I'm back to normal old me, you guys, and I promise to only drink that tea when away from the my keyboard as I sound about as nutty as Terri Cheney does in her book "Manic" that I just got out of the library for no good or meaningful reason, thank you very much. And, the book was decent all though it often felt farfetched but than much is farfetched but some scenes struck me as invention but all in all a well written book about an entertainment lawyer who is bonkers mcbonkerson . I googled her to see what law firm she worked for because I will only have the creepiest feeling about Lavely and Singer and wondered if she worked for them but it seems she work for Mannat Phelps, and something law and if nothing else it made me see these lawyers as human since they in general don't strike me as such. Anyway if she ever googles herself she can see my mention and it will cheer her very varying mood pattersn.

So, she's somewhat human and she's a lawyer. But, don't get me going about Judges. Sure my original view of them has been for awhile less Solomon and more Wapner or Judy but still-- they are so much worse in person. If the Emperor has no clothes than these judges of come across are worse as they seem like they are wearing kinky and soiled undegarments underneath those outmoded robes, rather than being plain old naked. Two judges will go down in infamy if I have any say and those are Judge Gerald Rosenberg, and Judge Elizabeht Grimes of the Santa Monica Courthouse and they'll just the heap that will be down there by the time I get to them, and then I'm not too crazy about the Mayor's sister whose name I'll omit for now for legal reasons as legar reasons are now a part of my lexicon as is legalese and I do love Latin and plan to pepper my workaday speech with it every so often. Omnibus, Ipso, loqor ,in propria persona and then there's words like "gravaman" and "ambit" that any lawyers has to get wind of at some point and they too are sort of tasty words thought I don't think they are latin.

I still haven't gotten to my most embarrassing multitasking accident and I feel as if I just don't mention I'll lose my already tenous credibility and so here goes.

Sigh. So I'm multitasking away as per and Matt from my gay church calls and starts moaning about how good he feels and how we would get to marry our dogs or cats if that's the way the good lord wanted it and he really beleives that because he is one of those god fearing and fundamental type christians who manages to incorporate his "butt pirate" ways with an abiding love of the mother mary. I don't get it but dont judge so anywhow even though we have virtually nothing in common he calls me and starts hyping this website called as i've mentioned. I'm so not into it and I wonder why suddenly he is so interested but I'm kind of touched, really. So, after he badgered me a little more I sign up and it's very intuitive and easy to sighn up and they have a blog feature and i'm ready to go and I write a profile that I'm quite proud of and that surely stands out of the crowd. At first, hate letters telling me that I am a log republican bitch who should burn in hell and then one telling me that She and some girls she knows are from peta and they are coming to beat me up and on and on with such vitriol, and I always knew that my life would have to have some dyke drama but this was NUTS. one woman called me a REPUG loser who probably doesn't recycle. It was unreal.
So then that dies down and just nothing for the longest time. I looked at my pic and I look cute for a noncute womyn and then I looked over my statement and it said, fur loving womyn,loves to ski and to waterboard. And, I remembered that I was ordering no cheese pizza on the phone when I wrote that up and instead of writing "fun loving lesbian who loves snowboarding," I'd written that. Well, it's funny now but back then I thought I'd really enter hellville blvd. at the corner of weirdorama way and that I might have to scare myself straight, but then I put up the corrected version and everythign was uneventful and I met one nurturing womyn who fears my pit bull at the time and so it didn't work out but it wasn't bad. I later found out that Gay Matt from the gay church was making 10 dollars for everyperson he got sighned up through him and now I just refer to him as a cunning fag when he's not around and it turns out many in our gay church have taken a strong dislike to him and think it's lame that he still beleives in Mormonism and thinks it's ok to be gay and Mormon. I am getting sleepy.

That tea did a real job on me and I can't say that I won't go back for more. I felt afraid but fancy free and that was interesting to feel after all the massive issues I've been struggling with. I keep on spelling interesting like this intersting and fixing it and it makes me think of this song that I absolutely adore for no reason I can figure and that is the this and it's called the sprout and the bean. Give it a listen. I love it with a passion. or

I will try to fix what is not letting it being clickable but till then don't be a lazy beaver and just cut and paste it if it still doesn't work. I have a new reader whose name I too shall keep confidential for now and for legal reasons but she will always be my dear friend dude, and that is a private joke LOL.




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Tarra Slovan said...

Well, your blog won't allow me to leave comments so I'll just say that some sick person who in not at all famous but thinks she is hired these lavely and singer clowns --and they have been able to absolutely buy this sick person what she wants --from Santa Monica Judges. Believe me, it's bookworthy epic scale evil and injutice kind of stuff.

Why would you want to know?

The Word Demon said...
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