Thursday, April 30, 2009

journeys, swine flu, and matt giraud

Okay, admission time:

I have been reading up on blog promotion. It's not something I should discuss as one would think that all fame can only come from some mystique. But, since that has been widely disproven and Greta garbo would have to get out more(etc) I'm not going to even try to maintain mystique as I've concluded it isn't neccessary any more.

So, the newest book says that the more blog posts the better and so I am going to shorten my posts without stifling my need to comment incessantly about stuff and things and whatnot.

So, Matt Giraud , was voted off will be fine I hope as I think he is very sweet. And, all of them should be fine but then one would think that the baby who died of swine flu would be fine and that wasn't the case...

Which got me to thinking about journeys and how would the mother of that baby who died of swine flu rationalize that babies very shortened "journey." This is bumming me out and it could be that it is a very depressing concept where no answer could remotely suffice, or that my blood sugar needs tweaking. I will prepare a whole grain english muffin(MADE FROM SCRATCH) and a Orange Piquot tea and hope that I don't stay bummed out for long.

bye, you guys.

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