Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mulling Jamie Foxx

Is it just me or is the color of my blog just right? I have come to appreciate my template and the choices I've made blogwise.

that pig pic is for a friend of mine called "dude" who is a big fan of that artist and who won't let a flu ruin her fondess for swine. This same friend "dude" just informed me that Danny Gokey belongs to a homophobic church and this has, needless to say. caused me concern. I almost can't even focus on the matters at hand but will try...

So, Matt Giruad is gone and the rest of the gang is still there but Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson have destroyed any sense that winning is actually that important. Plus, then they put dear old taylor hicks there to drive home this point in a way that makes the phrase "drive home the point" seem very flaccid.

As a middle aged womyn I see them all as nice kids and ony guarini, I do remember, got on my nerves in any significant way. I remember just not getting his immense appeal and then reading the TWOP message boards where they all would say EEEEEEEEEEEe at his name and I was feeling quite lonely. Well, now we see that for reasons known only to the higher power- -- so much smoke was blown up that poor boy's ass-- that you might as well call him a chimney or some similar thing that has smoke up it.

Sorry, I just can't think of anything but a chimney and it doesn't really work but tarra tries her best.

The point I believe I was trying to make is that despite the attempt to keep the supsense by having a winner -- it obviously is not that important. Obviously.

And, as I am not an individual who will ever wittingly kick a dog when it is down I will not comment further on Guarini or Mr. Hicks and I will not comment on how awful all the music sounded to me yesterday from Natalie Cole to Taylor Hicks to Jamie Fox.

I felt that all of them were told you have four minutes to fill just make it up. it was as if it was some improvised thing and it wasn't working.

To my SHOCK-- Jamie Foxx's "song" is the number one hit in America!!!!

I will just say that I don't understand this and was under the impression that Mr. Jamie Foxx was funny as ugly wanda on living color and then became an actor of some repute and then I thought he might show up again someday but I had no idea that he was a major musical force etc. I really am losing touch. I feel like a pentium 1. Or in other words -- is obsolescence reserved only for electronics?????

Something to mull over?

What does mull mean?


Anonymous said...

Jamie Foxx, gah, what a train wreck that was. Fake processed voice and the guy can't even manage to dance like a proper rapper. What a fraud. Couldn't believe I had to sit through him and poor Natalie Cole and good lord it's Taylor Hicks again....this was almost as bad as the Zombies of Disco night, and not even half the fun.

Tarra Slovan said...

It's fine when something is a train wreck but when a train wreck is a no. 1 hit then distress results in me.