Thursday, April 30, 2009

pig pic for dear friend dude exclusively

Back home at my cozy cottage ,the cats are there but as I suspected they barely noticed my homecoming, and like I suspected-- those asshole creditors are harrassing me via snail mail AND e-mail AND phone!!!

My circadian rythms are set to early morning and I am here to blog. I plan to continue with my covering of the news as it happens on tv ,and though, there are no visible signs that this fills some niche -- or that it is an invention bred of neccessity or one that is not bred of necessity and so on and so forth and we shall see or we shall not see and so on and so forth.

I don't turn on the tv till 7 a.m so I can only report news that comes to me through links and clicks and such.

I do sense that Swine flu is no joke and I wish all those geeks would get out of the world wide web and take care of that rather than added a new APP or setting up accounts on Twitter. So true that the geeks have inherited the world and as Alisa said, "they can have it." Wow. she was a bad influence on me and within a week I should be back to the postive womyn who only has an eye out for progress and does't use irony or sarcasm and thinks those who do are SICKOS.

I don't discriminate and mean offense to any geek who comes upon my blog. But, I just have been a bit testy about how the world outside of my LCD screen is devolving or staying the same and yet daily I am faced with a new social networking option. I learned yesterday of something called REDDIT and I thought how that either never took off or they are doomed by such an uncatchy name and then I had lunch and felt better. I so often forget about my blood sugar issues. My lunch was nice but nothing great. I had a shaved fruit salad with a side of planta beans. I washed it all down with a piping but not scalding cup of earl grey and I don't have much more to say about it as it wasn't quite memorable

My American Idol review is coming up immediately after this and I am going to type it the minute I open up the new post window. I'm trying to really limit the word counts in my posts...

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