Monday, April 20, 2009

Garofolo for PREZ

Garofolo for PREZ
Talk of my current template isn't neccessary so I'm going to delete it. I don't even what to think about all the pain I went through and what forces are toying with my hit coutner.

I still haven't figured out how to blogroll or any of that and it's not because Tarra is selfish it's just that Tarra is not technosavvy and is more of a creative type -- scrapbooking etc.

I'm off to L.A and I feel sure that whence(I'm half brit) I get back I'll have a more robust blog because as it stands it's somewhat unbearable that Eyevonne et al have just gone poof.

Still, trying to stay current and to discuss newsworthy items.
Lets see, I just saw Jeneane Garofolo saying that any tea party or whatnot business is just racism and I just say hurrah miss garofolo for bespeaking such truth. Alisa my webmaster and somewhat friend and nemesis doesn't agree and thinks the fact that Garofolo dresses like a pretentious unkempt oaf doesn't lend further credence to her inane comments.

As a leftist progressive I have no choice but to support the brave and offbeat Ms. Garofolo as she stays true to leftist ideology.

My webmisstress, Alisa, disagrees and thinks the fact that Obama was elected should maybe disabuse Garofolos depressing assertions. But, that's how it is and I give Kudos to Garofolo and wish it was easier to intuitevely figure out how to spell her yummy name.

No other big news items have caught my eye but I think the hoopla over Obama smiling widely at Chavez is so much poo poo hoopla. OK?

Chavez has been approved by Danny Glover and Sean Penn and if that doesn't say it all that whatever. Obama is a smiler. He has very white teeth and along the way many told him his smile is "winning." and he therfore smiles at any chance.It's not like he has a snaggle tooth. No big deal and get over it REPUGS.

This post might earn me the respect of The grand duchess of blogs- Ms. Arrianna Huffington- who used to be married to a gay repubican. Love it.

I'll be adding pics and links soon,you guys.

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