Friday, April 24, 2009

Susan Boyle's eyebrow shaving is going for millions on Ebay

Okay the tea is definately WIERD.

It makes me feel as if my oversized rainbow flag mug is ruling me and not the other way around. I never considred that this mug left to me by an ex life partner would one day become so infused with meaning or is it menace????

It's still early and Alisa and her family have not yet come out to pester me so I just am so very grateful that you are here blog and that even though you also act WIERD you in general don't interrupt me while I am having this current phase of searing insights.

Left and right. Right and left. Searing insights. Too many to even type in and all because of some tea??? Wow. Just Wow.

So, I googled "What does one do when faced with searing insights?" and they kept acting as if I wasn't spelling it right and that got me angry.

I entered another search engine portal and it also returned a "no results found."

I suppose I can start collecting my searing insights for my grandchildren but as a currently indigent non hetero who's fibroids are probably growing back as we speak and who has less than a year left before million dollars ovary stimulators will need to be used, those prospects seem dim, to tay the least. That was a tongue twister!!!!

So, I'm blogging and thinking of ways to justify this incessant blogging to myself and my increasingly persistent creditors( Chase, you bitch)
So, here I am in Los Angeles county and I am blogging my insights to a world either wittingly or unwittingly oblivous to my struggle as a stay at home non mom who's dog was recently murdered etc.

But is that all I am in that latter sentence of my last paragraph(which I don't think is a proper paragraph as I never could master any part of grammar or punctuation) Is that who I am or am I just so many more. Since my monumental weight gain due to bloat from a poorly planned raw foods diet I can't help but not like saying, " I have layers." Because, I literally do now and I'm talking about when being naked and not when I'm preparing for an intemperate climate or whatnot.

So, it's Friday and when I fell off the wagon of veganism for one sad and sick month three years ago I went to TGIF's in Guerneville with a bunch of people from my dye casting class and what a yummy thing is a jalapeno popper. I remember it like it was yesterday and that makes a certain sense because yesterday was Thursday and I remember thinking how it was Thursday and Not friday and how ballsy someone had to be to just call a restaurant such a thing. I mean, the balls, or is it just great patience and decent staff????

I mean first you'd have to have the patience of a saint to even dream of contemplating that your use of an acronym for possibly the first time in chain/frahchise restaurant history will be undestood..... eventually. Then you have to have all kinds of other things going for you so people really don't mind going on Monday to a place called thank god its friday. Ok, even this tea can't get me to conclude with this train of thought and just say.

Listen: when it comes down to it if your appetizers have a good but not so good taste that the overwhelm the entrees then you have recipe for success.

I'm just really not into analyzing this anymore and I hope that is ok with you guys. I've put up a fiery webcounter and I got to bed late and I just don't feel like discussing why TGIF took off and the Macaroni Grill has languished or even gone out business or is the macaroni grill just regional and therefore this whole post a big fat waste.

So, the Tv isn't on yet and I have no idea what current events are available today. Until my webmaster's mother wakes I probably won't put on the tv as waking the elderly is worse that waking regular folks. So, I guess I could navigate away from this page and find out what's new in THE WORLD. But, I have this irrational fear based on experience that all of this will get erased and though it in all probability is worse than useless I will forever wonder where it went.

I'm off to find out what is new and current and then to come back and to discuss it or just I guess comment on it LIVE.


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