Friday, April 24, 2009

Montreal cold cut meat???

Okay, it appears that the hit counter is not the only thing messed up on this blogger thing and I just don't know who to talk to. It must be that that follower app is broken too as it says I have one follower and then If you look it's me. I mean, yeah, I did agree to follow myself but it's just not possible that someone who commits a whole blog to Dots has like 700 percent more followers than a wymin like me who is always "Mixing it up.

Well, I bought of four pack of Minnnetonka tea yesterday before leaving the Tea-Zone and today we shall see if it was at the root of that blogophilia from yesterday. It could always be peri menopause too but I sure hope not because I too want to be a mom like everyone is nowadays. So, I'm brewing up a cup and I'll get back to you whence I start sipping at it.

I know that the tea made me really strange yesterday and at the same time it permits me to compose over 4 blog entries which must be a record for a blog that isn't being followed with any degree of avidity.

Obviously, I want my blog to succeed, and it's not jsut because I want to get my e-books out to a very wide audience but also because now I need to monetize whatever I can monetize. I even think I'll have to have a yard sale of of these days. IT's grave, you guys, when you start thinking of ways to convince people why they should buy your already used contanct lens cup.

If I wasn't so proud I'd beg for charity and figure out how to add some link that would permit your funds to become mine. Actually, I'm hoping that I can stave off a complete personal and fiscal crisis by just clipping coupons and insisting the double them even when it says "don't double."
We'll see.
So, I'm been thinking of new concepts or whatever that may really get my blog to take on a life of its own. As it stands, the blog is by all measures a flop and I will have to start a job training program or sell my cottage for cut rate prices. where would I go? Absolutely everywhere but some college towns around and then the extended Northern CAlifornia area are filled with people with non progressive views. But, all the places with the progressive view people are very high rent. Canada?

What's that aboot? Ha. They say aboot rather than about. Anyhow, Canada? I've met some Canadians here and there and they all look robust and one rarely hears about a Canadian Committing suicide despite the fact that most of it is cold and should be filled with S.A.D sufferers. I've been to Montreal and the people are smokin hot lookswise but despite my leanings they still treated me as La Americaine or roughly translated: That American. Maybe I was just being paranoid and they didn't take to me for entirely different reasons that had nothing to do with my birthplace. I wish I could find out because they have a wonderful smoked meat there which I am off to google as I can't remember its name but suffice it to say that for some reason Montreal specializes in a sort of semitic cold cut. NO. Calling it a cold cut is like calling a Suzanne Malveux Burgundy Eloise a glass of wine.

What is it. What shall I google to locate this indescribable meat?

Ok, you guys, hang tight I'll find out as I like to share my finds even if it tends to make my life harder as then the price increases or I can't get it but still.....

See ya soon.


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