Friday, April 24, 2009

Yes. I found it.

Sometimes I go like five years back in time and forget how easy it is to be reminded of everything nowadays. It took me two tries to get a hit on Montreal smoked meat and here it is you guys,

I am even putting it in an enclosure link so as to . what the hell, it just now said in RED" URL contains illegal characters"!!! Then it wants me to put in a MIME TYPE. What is that and what does it mean???? Comment below if you know!!!!

Ok, you guys just cut and paste it and you won't be sorry. It's weird how the thing I remember about Montreal most is that delicious meat and it's weird how so much of the memorable things are food for me and it's also kind of wierd that one of the things that montreal is remembered for is a special sliced meat that obviously was bot created and marketed by Jews. If you think too much about how the Jews seem to really put there mark on a spot you start to feel the earth rumble as so many turn in their graves.

As I've made clear I am a non denomination secular progressive with agnostic hopes and atheistic suspicions but I was "born" "Jewish" from my Nana's side and despite my almost total immersion into secularity and my ardent desire to assimilate into the wider world of tastes and sounds or whatever I still can't help but accidently feel like a Jew sometimes.

Heavens to Merguson(Does anyone say that anymore and if not-- why)why are my characters illegal???? Fuck the enclosure link. I don't care. Oh, there. It's gone now.

Anyway, so how did you all like my most embarrassing multitasking accident?

Should I suggest that you all tell me yours and then just sort of moderate the ocmmetns from then on-- take it from there etc.

Or should I keep sharing my thoughts and hopes and dreams and not even care about coments. Lots of questions. Answers, not so much. Har Har.

Alisa, the webmaster of this blog or as I call her webmistress(LOL) told me that she once brushed her forehead with a toothbrush while applying alpha hydroxy cleanser to her face. She was all happy to tell me about this multitasking accident and her enthusiasm for my nascent project gave me hope for it's success. I didn't feel it right to tell her that I think that she is dealing with much more serious issues than "Multi-tasking accidents. "

I just sniffed that my Minnetonka tea is ready. It says that for it "full effects" it needs to steep for 25 minutes and it has been 24 minutes since I began to steep it so....

see ya soon,

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