Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tea, time demands, juggling, and touching base.

Morning, all!

I think my bird hit counter is loads of fun. It appears from some comments that I'm getting some hits from tea related concerns and I'm so glad.

I think tea is going to take off very soon and bigtime and I want to be able to ride the crest, as they say.

I've had trouble in the past capitalizing on trends and now they seem to be calling it "monetize," I need to go full steam ahead as my affluence is gone as mentioned in other posts.

Too busy with the prosecution of my devilish life coach to spend much time on blogging today much less twittering about my new wholistic approach to dealing with immense stress and angst. So, please you guys, don't think I've forgotten you but rather that Tarra is just taking care of her needs as should you.

I got some nice comments today especially from Cherish who marveled at my ability to juggle so many blogs. I clicked on her and she's a mom with a doting husband and I'm not and now with my money gone and unable to maintain or start fun and fruitful hobbies it's been not too hard to maintain my many blogs.

I actually plan to start ten more by the end of the month as my desire to avoid the loss of my last remaining asset(my napa cottage )

Keep an eye out for my new blogs and see ya.

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