Tuesday, April 28, 2009

american idol is sure to be good and other matters at hand

Well Well, isn't my blog placid??? Is everyone stuffing their faces with popcorn at the newest Beyonce vehicle.

I don't see any shame in the game that I enjoy her work and consider her a "triple threat." I am grateful that she is willing to share herself to such a degree. I saw her on some show saying that she works hard and deserves what she gets and then she paused and said.... you know... good karma. And, I have to admit I felt some bile rise as I have stellar karma and I am now indigent and facing trial over the antics of my murdered dog.

I am not seeing the respectful yet vociferous debate that I'd at one point thought was my birthright.

I know I know ... nowadays one of the big words is "entitled," and it indicates a bad thing but I just felt ... that from the moment i joined blogger that blogging and then maintaining a lively blog was my... birthright. I am really reliant on ellipsis's tonight it seems...

So, anyway, I finally found what my birthright is and now I need to convince the cyberworld and other assorted folks and my creditors( shame on you, Bank of America) that such is the case.

Which makes me think of lots of things but I really am trying to keep a theme going as to permit a genre to be granted as my struggles with fiscal and emotional crisis's can and will be remedied by a successful blog. I am so not kidding.

But, alas, today was just too strange and I will have to re-focus on re-imagining what will happen to my blog tomorrow.
I'm still stuck in HEll-AY and was forced to be out and about all day and what I did and didn't see can fill a book but first it threatens to overwhelm my blog.

Alisa, my webmistress, lives in what she assumed was West Hollywood. Recent issues have led her to believe that she lives in some twilight zone where she is on some strange unrecognized border and therefore she lives neither in Hollywood nor West Hollywod but in Los Angeles. WTF. She found this out as she has had to talk to tons of police people ,as of late, because of the satanic and homely Tig "Mathilde" Notaro.
Well, that's really neither here nor there but it does relate to my experiences as I stay here and await the extradition of my duplicitious life coach(She fled to British Columbia.) My life coach was so slender that apparently she snuck out of the bars and got away and only a keen eyed viewer/reader of my blog is responsible for bringing her back to justice.

So, today the battery on my trusty Subaru died or more exactly the battery in the remote that opens the door and disarms the battery died or more accurately I found my keys in a hald full cup of coffee and didn't even think that this would result. But, it did. And, all day I've been trying to be cup half full and have done pretty well, to be honest. more about that later but first...

I want to share with you my observations and shall(I have english blood)but I shall do so in a way that will leave you wanting more rather than less as I understand that successful blogs rely on a succintness of spirit or that's what I think I remember from Blogging for Imbeciles.

I will just write myself notes so as to jar my memory the next time I sign on as I feel some things need to be adressed or they will forever be lost.

So that's what this is about. Please, pay it no mind.

1- discuss with your fans, friends, social network contacts, and blog readers of all other stripes about the 4 streetwalkers you saw today and how you soon came to the conclusion that the craiglist killer was causing this blast from the past, but soon after you came to the conclusion that with young russian girls it's sometimes hard to tell. Make sure your readership is keenly aware that you hate stereotyping and try to explain in more detail your conclusions.
2. Discuss Sociopathy and how it relates to your lifelong struggle with toxic people. Discuss aspects that are COMPELLING and try not to sound to angry as anger is getting more and more unfashionalbe.
3- Discuss further your intentions for new blogs and what we all can do to make this blog a better one.

Well, that's all that comes to mind. I just warn you that I plan to EXPOUND on much more soon or link you to blogs that adress my concerns at ant given moment.

4- forgot. yes, mathew mcchoneghy, charlize theron, sally field(they are on tv for some reason as Alisa Mother will just leave on these awful shows and I am forced to know very bad things.)

5- Write a really awesome review of American Idol tonight as that can't hurt.

till... then....

I know I know Tarra should go ...but let me just post another pic from my favorite artist, Lauren Spitzberg , and one of one of the sociopaths who is victimizing her sister(and her and their mother and in some sense ... society) for more than a year now. Great!!! it won't let me do that now but I will when i return.

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