Friday, May 1, 2009


Korey said...

Why are God and conservativjournal looking at your blog? I can understand God, because as you know he is watching all of us (unaware as He is that He's really a Goddess), but a truly progressive womyn such as yourself must have given conservativjournal a real blockage. Keep fighting the good fight, Tarra, let your rainbow colors fly for all those REPUGS to see! And will you send me some tomatoes?

Tarra Slovan said...

Korey, Korey, Korey,

Thank you for finally differentiating yourselves from the other anoynymouses. Since the onset of my blogging career it has either been anonymouses or those "named" that engage me and then appear to dissapear. Tarra hurts, that's no joke.

I have no idea why this conservativejournal entity is stalking me so but I surely will block them. Thank YOU! Glad to see god there but you again you are right and his name is all wrong.

As, you know, Korey, I not only will send you tomatoes but I OWE you tomatoes.

Thank you for signing up to Blogger,my dear friend dude, as I know that extra efforts are a drag etc.

now having a name and knowing deep down how you appreciate a good swine, I will continue blogging!!!