Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blogger is the richer for it

Since there is more than a slim or fat(they mean the same thing!!) chance that Korey's non prying eyes are here I am once again blogging.

I now have the incentive to scan all the swine in and will do so at ONCE.

For new or just (understandably) oblivious readers -- Korey is also the friend i refer to as dude. This all stems from an old joke where when me and Korey were shacked up we went online and someone kept commenting on the poor health and bravery of their "dear friend" who was named...."dude."
Am I remembering correctly, Korey? This some 12 years later(my.oh my) gives me and a joy as it is our private joke and I surely didn't share it with another. Though I must admit,k, that I've shared MissusMiss with the famiy and that she has introduced them to about 7 relatives, you haven't yet met.

In a fit of tealaced whimsy I sent Korey a link to this blog and the rest is herstory.

It is amazing what one blog viewer (who shows themselves) can do to one's morale!

Ms. Korey has much to say and I await the day I can support her blog as she has supported mine!


Korey said...

Oh, Missus!! how I miss her sweet dangerous self! Mister sends his best to her as well, for as you know she was the only dame to give him the time of day, and he has since reduced his life to reading the tout sheets, watching COPS, and rolling his own cigars. Why can't some people find love? This is a question for the ages, and perhaps makes the 401st philosophical query you have been saddled with thus far, so for that I apologize.

Tarra Slovan said...

What a can o worms that question has opened. Don't get me started on this LOVE business. But, you have ! My thoughts on this will be in an upcoming blog post.

Though you couldn’t know this- your question(s) coupled with that tea has just spurred 400 new philosophical questions and it’s giving me now… 800… questions and only the possibility that more will stem from this wonderful re-touching of bases with you and today’s complete nervous collapse. LOL? Your apology is most appreciated.

You sound a bit down, if I may be so bold. Knowing you on a personal level,I would hope that you have lost all that discernment and superior intelligence- as that is a mess. Till you rid yourself of that my advice won't be that hot.

So, let’s see, has serendipity, some overpriced tea, and a wiccan prayer allowed the sage in me to manifest and has this assisted you and Mister?

Do you feel recharged? Cheered up? Please, tell me if my desire to do has failed and I should not venture into advice columns?

If I have suceeded please tell all the Saphists as they often seek sage advice.