Saturday, May 2, 2009

Go ask alice hoax

So, anyhow, what was I discussing in that post before that kind of gross plea to Eyevonne et al?

Yes, I was discussing trust issues. Those do require lots of work. The other day, I saw a book that I'd never heard of at the goodwill(where one shops when one is indigent and earth friendly) and it was called Jay's Journal, and though these are times where I should only get books from the library I splurged as I had to have this book. It was edited or introduced by a woman named Beatrice Sparks and I just had to hand over that buck and get it.

So, I bought it along with a nice computer chair(long story) and now this purchase has been terrible for my trust issues. Terrible. Why?

I'll tell you why: Because, upon closer inspection, I see that Beatrice Sparks is the same person who is "responsible" for "Go Ask Alice." At first, I was a little freaked out because I read "Go ask Alice" about 30 years ago and just took it as true and I can' t say that it wasn't effective as that coupled with Christiane F. and that kickass tv movie about LSD might be why I'm not a drug addict today.

So, I was freaked out that somehow this woman named Beatrice Sparks was now associated with Alice and so I read this book, "Jay's Journal." and my adult brain is going, "no fucking way." and I am getting pissed because not since a boy called it have a felt my credulity so played. Like with a "boy called it" it just doesn't read right and though It has thrived as an Oprah Pick and I've even seen this David Felcher in the flesh, I never have heard from Alice's family and since Alice died tragically at the end of this "diary," I sure haven't heard from her.

I do some googling and find out that .... Go ask alice has been known to be a fake for a long time. Nobody tells tarra this??? How does Tarra miss such information? Is it only Tarra who hasn't been told this and if so... why?

Jay's Journal is also considered a fake and Ms. Beatrice Sparks is a mercenary little bitch. Now, I'm like was Christiane F true and was Sybil true. I read a book called the Shoemaker by Flora Retta Shrieber about 10 years ago and unlike with Sybill my brain was developed enough to suspect that Flora Retta Shrieber was a liar. Sybil was a major memory from my childhood as I remember my mother trying to spare us it and me and my sibling sneaking it very late once night when our parents were asleep. And, man oh man did Sally Field deserve that oscar.

But,now for the longest time I'm pretty sure that is fake too. I've never met anyone with multiple personality disorder and I've met lots and lots of loonies, so I'm pretty sure there was only a flora rhetta and not a sybil.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that this sucks. I dutifully read James Frey and all the holocaust memoirs and american indian memoirs picked by Oprah, and again I am DECIEVED.

how many times can one curse their naivete?
Alisa's mother was in the holocaust and she was there from 5-6 years old and when I was googling stuff about her I found that there were actual memoirs written about her time by someone her age and by another who was even a year and a half younger. No way no how they remember enough for a memoir-- but they do now how to "monetize."

Gee, I am sounding negative again. But, I just can't believe what I learned about "Go ask alice." I would link you but it's still not working so you can go google if you'd like.
I just have been, as you klnow, trying to stay current, and to learn that for 30 years I didn't even know about Go ask alice ... It's a shock.

How many lying gutter snipes are out there fer gosh's sake.


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Tarra Slovan said...

Thanks. Appreciated.

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