Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eyevonne lure

I truly can't seem to get over Eyevonne. It sounds like a woman's name but I can't be sure, but I'll call her she anyway and hope that Eyevonne is not a He and that he doesn't get offended by being called a womyn.

Eyevonne, fyi, is a lovey random soul who came forth and commented on my blog, promised to send friends my way, and then (seemingly) dissapeared. It appears that her friends possibly came by and also left comments but I can't be sure, once again. I have shouted out to Eyevonne in many posts and she is still silent so I just want to dedicate this post to her and hope she responds.

I am well aware, eyevonne, that you owe me nothing as one who comments on a blog would not even neccesarily be deemed an aquaintance and so friendship is but a remote fantasy, but do make a peep. I am "reaching out" etc.


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