Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blogging as the news breaks

Dead motorcyclist because woman was painting her nails while driving. Sadly, the motorcyclist's killer didn't offend me as much as it should as the women who smashed into the Motorcyclist wasn't sexting or even texting. This woman(grandmother and mother according to newsman) seems downright quaint.


Korey said...

I know, right? She should have at least been chatting on the phone, as those are the folks who are normally trying to kill me on the road. Still, I hope her life is miserable from now on, because I am petty and vengeful.

Tarra Slovan said...

Hi there Korey,

Thanks for your comments. Petty and vengeful are valid emotions at times. If this womyn was smoking and the cigarette fell and she was trying to find it so as not to start a fire, than you would be being "petty and vengeful."
But, some harridan who thinks her crappy nails are more important than other human beings??? LET HER ROT!