Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ethanol not so good

Explosive info on something to do with cindy crawford shandenfruede. But, only after the break. Break is travlocity commercial and now... "funny" commercial for teleflora. Now, commercial. Man talking about info he uncovers about his anscestors that would cause me great dissapointment( his grandfather was a german steel worker.)

News back on. No joke. Meghan Kelly is reporting real Shadenfreude. Kelly is showing entirely too much decoletagge because Fox moguls figure that helps and can't hurt. Poor Meghan Kelly. She is so not a someone who willingly shows so much cleavage.

Cindy Crawford's husband who is the owner of upscale lounges for jet setters is being sued for molesting his employees.

George Clooney involved! Denies that Gerber did such things. George Clooney good guy for standing up for truth or George Clooney enemy of these employess for unknown reasons. Lively debate on whether these sexually harrassed employees would have a legal claim. George Clooney wasn't in the news for 11 days and so he is now a witness in such tasty shadenfreude and threatening to stop this story in its tracks.

Tarra doesn't own upscale lounges and now she is able to feel bad for those who do and for thier gay supermodel wives. Tarra feels lighter.

Commercial with guy with hat and that stupid song and more bars in more places and anyone involved with commercial getting very rich.

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