Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life coach concerns and such.

Hello you guys. Long time no speak and I missed chatting at you and just blogging in general. Unfortunately, I've been forced to be overwhelmed with legal issues. Not fair, not cool, and this life coach will pay. She won't admit that her life coaching was very poor and that she tried to get my credit card info by using numerology and she has now appealed her convinction, which means that it's not over by a long shot. I contacted her to just get a refund of the life coach classes that were proven ineffective ie. jogging five miles backwards to erase bad memories etc.

Instead of just saying "sorry" she is now accusing me of STALKING. She learned this trick from her friends Tig Notaro and Stef Willen-- Just accuse people of things that they didn't remotely do, get a corrupt lawyer, and lie and lie and all will be ok. Well, Tarra is a peacenik and she abhors wars but she will fight this dumb vicious bitch till the bitter end .. I hate to be looksist but this life coach is really repulsive looking. She's balding and has a face that looks like morning breath. Gross, but so true. She looks kind of like a used condom too but someone else said that about her and that's not nice. In short, no one would STALK such a saggy and stupid womyn. It's hard for me to say anyhing nice about her now but I will force myself in the service of moral equivalency to say ... she did help me manage my contacts in Outlook and she turned me on to the best kefir available.

Anyhow, my financial struggles continue and my experience in non gourmet supermarkets has been so very painful. I estimate that 82% of shoppers say ok to plastic bags when faced with alternatives. !!!! I castigated the supermarket bagger yesterday and told him to say, " Is plastic ok, Please understand that it is destroying our earth." He wasn't rude but he told me that he couldnt' do that. I am now going to write up a letter and be at the forefront of changing policy about informing consumers of the dangers of plastic bags and how "is it ok?" is NOT enought. Keep an eye out as I plan to be a famous activist in no time.

Anyway, went on a date with a highly erotic latina. It ended up with me having salsa in my hair and quite a grin on my visage. I was stuck in L.A with my webmistress, Alisa, and we went to an establishment called the Abbey. This establishment caters to us QUEERS and We went to get one drink there for Alisa's Birthday. We got there at a good time as most were already very intoxicated and therefore Alisa was able to get compliments and I was able to enjoy the latina mentioned. She works in the bathroom at the Abbey. She passed me a towel, I said, "thanks," our eyes met and the minute she got off work ...we got off. ROFL.

I doubt I'll see her again as she works in L.A and she is a meat eating bathroom attendant. I am so not a snob but it turned out that she wasn't "overqualified" for that position(handing out paper towels, and maybe mints if you pay etc) I had to tell her who Donald Rumsfeld was and that there was a New president named Barack Obama.


Ok, you guys, I feel as if that's a decent blog entry. I would love to link you to everything mentioned but the links won't show up and I just don't have the fortitude to find out how to make this right. Without linkage, my blog, holds little promise, and yet I still come here and want to share my hectic (but hopeful?) life with you guys.

best wishes,


Anonymous said...

keep it up-- this is one of the only blogs I'm reading nowadays. Hilarious!

Tarra Slovan said...

hey thanks,
I was out at the hot springs with a new lover name lil lozenge and i just saw this.

Happy trails,