Tuesday, June 2, 2009

humor tumor

Hi gang,

Still stuck at the webmistress's place as I wait for this awful legal mess to go away. Strange debates going on here that seem ripe for a blog post.

Alisa and her mother yesterday argued over whether Susan Boyle or Adam Lambert is more talented. Know it all obnoxious Alisa says Susan is far superior. Her know it all and obnoxious mum(I'm half brit!) thinks Adam is better. It didn't end ugly and they both behaved somewhat maturely as they told eachother, " you are entitled to your opinion." The hyper obnoxious Alisa whispered under her breath "but you are wrong" following the sentiment. The mum is mildly deaf so I'm not sure she heard but I did.

Then this morning they are debating wether Eminem was in on the joke with Sasha Baron Cohen. Alisa is sure that she can tell that Eminem and his posse are totally in on the joke and she thinks it's hilarious. The mum keeps saying things like "Why would a jewish boy degrade himself so and Eminem is really angry.." The mum cracks up everytime she talks about how awful it is to "degrade" yourself by wearing an ass revealing angel suit. Alisa asks her why she is laughing then and the mum insists that she would be very upset if Alisa pulled such pranks. Alisa would love to but hasn't had the chance the mother probably senses this and feels the need to try to pre empt this urge. The mother then wants to know if Borat was at least wearing a thong. Alisa doesn't know but is pretty much sure his ass was completely exposed. The mother then said that eminem really is mad and he is suing. Is this true, blogosphere? Is it a part of a larger joke? Either way tre amusing to at least one of them for reasons that don't suggest advanced evolution.

I personally am too busy to pay attention but just wanted to discuss Alisa and her mother as they confuse me. Thanks, gang, and embrace positivity!


Tex said...

I'm inclined to agree with your webmistress. I think Eminem is self-aware enough to be in on a joke.
And also, Alisa's mom is totally right, Adam rules and is prettier, too. AND a nice jewish boy. LOL.

Tarra Slovan said...

Howdy Tex,

Well, today they revealed that it indeed was a joke. I hate it when my webmistress is right. Adam is prettier than Ms. Boyle but then Adam is prettier than most ladies and men. My webmistress and her family think that Adam is very tall and sweet and that is good for the Jews. Whatever. I, Tarra, don't know about either personality but I will tell my webmistress about your comments, Tex.

Be swell,