Friday, June 5, 2009


You guys, last month was not in fact Poetry month and I so apologize. June is Poetry month and I don't know why I thought it was May. So, I've missed five days and will make up with a few double postings along the way. But till then here's a poem by the the poet laureate of Chicago. I'm not sure how to spell it and wiki doesn't even bother with an entry but his name sounds like Klingor Johston.

The manufacturer

Again all things
seem profound
and I’m leap of faith
Till then, I’m the one
You’ll see
on the ground

Splattered on the ground
I’ll tell you what I’ve learned
If you don’t expcct me to include some warnings
You’ll get burned

I’ll tell you
Sisyphus was no myth
Icarus no tall tale
Play around with what Prometheus
Gave you but
Expect to
call me from jail

Cat’s have nine
I’ve had more
Not bragging
I’ve seriously had like 54

Expeditions filled with crevices of misunderstanding
You’ll worse than skin your knee

But if you plan to still go up
My advice – my plea
Do so

Reach the top
Scale the highest peak
Or just cut your losses
And hop a

You'll burn your hand
Can’t reach the heights
Don’t know the rules
Need better tools?

Don’t look at me.

I just manufacture


An artist who can’t draw the right
A poet
Who gets bit
By the bee in
Her cliché
And fails
To complete her sonnet
In time
And also doesn’t always rhyme
A composer left dead in the sun
Gets decomposed
A writer who loses his pen
While running out
Of ink
A philosopher
Whose forgotten how to think

Would you like anything to drink?

I aim most intensely
to be
the hostess
with the mostess.


Tex said...

Funny and gorgeous.

Tarra Slovan said...

Oh hey thanks Tex. I could pretend that Tex is a different reader than Korey but I must tell Korey that I remember how
"Tex" was your childhood alter ego.
I remember everything. Hmm.
Or maybe your a different tex but then you wouldn't give me such a lovely comment on my physical appearance.

Have a great day, Tex.

Tex said...

Of course it's me but it's damn weird to see "Korey" up there so Tex will have to do. Besides it's what I'm gonna blog under when I blog, which may be never or could be now, who knows? But, on topic, that poem was shiveringly clever and delightful. Um, you can pass that on to the author.

Tex said...

Also, hmmm.

Tarra Slovan said...

Man, Korey is all about incognito. Too bad the world would enjoy her as I have.

I'll never put your last name, I promise. But, you have to admit that you weren't sure I'd remember that tidbit,am I correct, Tex? I remember like yesterday the room in Santa Rosa and you telling me about Tex as goodnatured little heoric tomboy alter ego. I bet I remember everything you told me to a t. I'm only telling you that because my emails might not show that as I am hystericing about the TRIAL and my alter ego is now Franz(kafka)

Well, in any incarnation it's good to hear from you and tell Mister he is most welcome on my blog. I might even add cigar reviews if I know he will be there.

I would pass on the kind words about the poem to the poet but he passed away quite recently. Klingor died of dissapointment and , it seems. As his ticker was solid and not even cholestetrol plaque or anything on it at the time of his death at 41 y.o

I will now include some more of his work just for you and for poetry month. I'm pretty sure June is poetry month but it could very well be July or September. I'll find out asap.

NOw I must go type up poor Alisa's appeal. Hmmm.

Tarra Slovan said...

Korey, check out Alisa's blog on my page,the nonsense oprah one.
she's making all kinds of David Carradine Cracks. If I didn't have to use her for archiving I would so cut her out of my life.

Ericka said...

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