Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bitterness should only be for certain culinary dishes

Omigod, you guys. I am so bitter about not being able to blog for so looooooooong. See I had to prepare legal documents non stop and I am soooooooooo bitter that instead of shooting the breeze with you guy and putting up all those poems for poetry month I've had to have my time consumed by deviants. But, I did it. I finished, you guys, and I feel very relieved. TONITE, I am going to compile my fav poems and put a weeks worth up in one shot and each one will be seperate so it will be like a catch up of sorts.

Just peeking in to touch base. Had a great wrap yesterday and am excited now to be using hazelnuts in my cooking as well as finally "getting" what all the fuss is about tarragon. Much to blab to you when I get back from a looooooooong overdue Shiatsu session!

Keep positive,


Anonymous said...

I ADORE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tarra Slovan said...

Hey, thanks. No need to be anonymous. Reveal yourself, pleeeeze.

Uchiha said...

I ADORE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!