Thursday, May 21, 2009

safe sexting

I got two new comments but I've given up on responding to them as I can only say thanks and then the commentator dissapears and leaves me with the unquenchable yearning that womyn are prone to (in general.) I'm off to L.A for my life coach's sentencing hearing and I'm getting a rideshare with a womyn that I've been desperately trying to seduce with texting and email(and some choice IM's) I pray to goddess that very soon I'll get the chance to sext as I haven't had anyone to sext since sexting started. I'll start it like maybe ... "Are you cumming?" and then I'll wait a while and depending on her response I'll say, " LOL. TYPO." This will inspire the possible instillation of lustfulness in her and my rideshare will forever be remembered. Or, she will just write back, " ha! I'll be there soon. Traffic." And, then she'll be totally cold and wierd or just indifferent and it will be nothing more than a budget and earthy friendly mode of transportation. We'll see you guys.

I do want you to know that if we hook up that I will not sext her when driving. That is UNCOOL.

I'll be having a very juicy post for you by Sunday at the latest.

bye now.

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