Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Webmaster woes

Well, Well, where are my comments? I am one of the few bloggers who implores her audience to comment and I will began threatening to stop blogging if a nice and supportive comment doesn't materialize with the next.... month. My threats might just be those that result from impotent rage but I still feel the necessity to set some boundaries and I WILL cease to blog if by June 1,2009 I do not get a comment.

My take on last night reality tv extravaganzas might cause the stir any blogger craves. I certainly wasn't getting any tantric sex yesterday so I decided to watch.
Hmmm, but that didn't much matter because Tarra's TV wasn't interested in Tarra's needs and so I'm just going to write you what my webmistress Alisa had to say for now as time is of the essence in matters of TV show analysis.

Alisa was wowed by e Adam Cambell as was her highly opinionated and codependant family. Via phone Alisa informed me that they all agreed that Kris is a sweet soulful boy but nowhere in league with Adam. Alisa and her sister told me a WEIRD story about thier history with that Mad World song and how they were watching Donnie Darko and thinkig it was pretty damned lame movie and what the hell was wrong with the "friends" who reccomended it, and at the end that song came on and they both started bawling. They rewound it and began bawling again. Then, they both were in decent moods and travelling through Laredo Texas and their mother went into some I Hop to use the restroom and this song(Gary Jewel version) came on and they began to weep like maniacs, disturbing the now relieved mother when she returned. Then Alisa told me that she avoids that song like the plague as she doesn't like public outbursts of emotionalism, but just recently she was in a Santa Monica bar and this song came on she had to run to the bathroom to "cry her eyes out" I don't get it but I guess I wanted to share that with you for some reason. She started yabbering on about how that line about when the kid is in school is the saddest line ever and I just had her on speakerphone at that point and was IM'ing two ladies that I have been communicating with. I met these ladies on a messageboard for carsharing as it is looking like I will have to sell my car and I want to make sure I get a ride to Michigan Womyns fest. So far, both seem ok and I will keep you guys posted if there are any SPARKZZZZZZ and/or if I get to carpool with them.

So, anyhow, as I typed frantically to these ladies I could hear some of Alisa's jabber and she was saying how she doesn't understand Roasts at all and certainly doesn't think Jeffrey Ross is a major comic force even if she liked them. Then, she went off again how she likes Tom Bergeron and I try to be patient but I really felt that even with multitasking my time was being wasted by her. She said something about Adam giving her and "the fam" chills and thrills and then she went off on a really negative and UNcool diatribe about how bad the lyrics were, how Cara Ghiradelli is obviously not a "bright womyn" then she went into some tirade about how 3 writers were needed for "THAT." She really lost me when she started going off about how every lyric felt like a stab wound and how if she had to sing that she would feel as if Nazis were raping her. She's really STRANGE but she is my webmaster and I need to keep her around till I figure out how to use Fonts to my advantage. She wasn't pleased that the "SQUAT and Smug olympian" won the TROPHY on Dancing with the Stars, at all but she wasn't that intense about and that's a relief. She asked my opinion on Samantha the hostesse's arms and she told me that her and her sister think they look like an old man sailor arms. That is just WRONG and I have to fly there next week to go to the sentencing hearing of my demonic life coach so I am stressing big time as I don't think I can maintain my civility with her anymore.

Gotta go you guys. See ya!

Well, you guys, I really apologize for my TV's PMS(LOL!) and I promise to write a review of the shows that are on tonight.


sllentiomes said...

Damn, this blog is brilliant. Keep it up.

Tarra Slovan said...

thank you. Just saw this. Sorry for the delay.