Monday, May 18, 2009

spring and cold veggie burger

Spring is in the air. Can you feel it? I felt it a few times today...nice. I think all my recent issues put me in a rut and today was the beginning of the end of my rut. I bought a new tote bag and an earthy friendly bumpersticker that says "war is not the answer," to celebrate. I saw it on another car and just had to have it. I felt a brain fog when thinking what the answer might be and then I just felt that war is not the answer and stuck it on my bumper.

Not much to say my dear blog readers that I haven't already tweeted about: Seatbelt got bunched up and was near impossible to put on, veggie burger was cold by the time I got it home etc.

My new business idea is Green Teen. It is copywrighted so don't steal it please. It's going to be a clothing line for teens with green logos or a food line for earth conscious teens or that promotes green feeling in teens. I think this might be my big break...

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