Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tarra supporting her fellow humans as well as her fellow bloggers

Empathy is precious and so I have to figure out how to not waste any of it. I want to be a part of "Bloggers Unite" which has a wonderful grassroots feel but I just can't add much more to my pity plate. I feel guilty now about failing to support this--
" Day of remembrance of the Pontian Greek Genocide
May 19 has been recognized by the Greek parliament as the day of…"

You guys, I was wholly unaware. I feel like an Idiot. I just was aprised of this Pontian greek Genocide and was sure that after Holocaust and Armenian Genocide day that I'd covered all the bases. It is only a matter of time before Rwanda and Darfur rememberance days and I promise to not get so narcissistic that I miss those days and spend them oblivously just maintiaining what remains of my lifestyle. To any Pontian Greek, I offer my heartfelt condolences and I plan to wiki your genocide the minute I get the chance.

My lifestyle has been literally ravaged by this recession and because of the theft of my affluence by Mr. Bernard Madoff. I've covered that ground before but I thought it bore repeating as I am not of the mind that repeating oneself is a BAD thing.

Yesterday, I ran out crying from Whole foods because I realized I simply could no longer buy olives from thier olive bar, and afford to keep my home.

I suppose I should discuss Dancing with the Stars as that seems to engage so many. But, I need to be honest and I just can't tell the difference between a poor and good Paseo Robles. Plus, Bruno reminds me of an ex who was bipolar. This was before I starting seeking womyn and non toxic people as life partners. My bipolar's name was Dwayne and he was heaps of fun when he wasn't verbally brutalizing me by calling me a "moron" and then falling into deep depressions before I could get furious with him. It got so bad once that he cried to me, "Tarra, how many times do I need to urinate. I'm so damned bored of urinating, day after day, time after time."
Buh, Bye. LOL.

The Brain is Wierd and doesn't seem suited to the task for lots of mentally ill people. I met Dwayne months back at a Free Mumia rally, and he told me that was why he was the way he was to me, and it felt really good cuz I allowed myself to get insulted by his... insults.

It's not too late for me to join this blogging collective(see below) and I urge all who read my blog to also do so. The sentiments expressed cannot be denied that's fer sure. Mark your calenders, PLEEZE. Though I'd like to add a shout out to the organizers.

calling it "Kill Terror" is counterproductive and unpeaceful.

Kill Terror Day

May 22, 2009

Terror is dehumanizing, the world is for human being. Everyone needs to work against terror to effectively subdue it.

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