Monday, May 4, 2009

the unveiling of a new acronym?

So, now I turn on the news earlier than I usually do and Hasselhof is struggling with issues again- has been rushed to the hospital for alcohol related... The daughter says that he's fine and he says that he's fine but the true story won't emerge for a long while. That's my take.

Hasselhof struggling with inner or even outer demons should should convince anyone and everyone once and for all that there is great randomness to all things.

My hasselhoff post is me showing you that I'm still dedicated to keeping current --as the majority of blogs I've seen that are successful keep current and offer news items that spare one the ... necessity... of ... buying the paper.... or watching the news...

The hunger for what is going on outside ones house is stronger than anyone ever suspected and I want to be on the front lines. I don't see a problem with my blog being a hybrid of my personal struggles and the struggles of Mr. Hasselhoff et al, but the fact that I get very few hits suggests that it very well may be a problem.

So, I will guarantee that I will report... whatever my radar picks up on... as I report to you my own struggles and triumphs. I will try to do this as these things arise but I can't make promises. Promises get me into HOT WATER. LOL. Actaully I didn't really laugh out loud but I was most desperate to show you that I was being funny, and so I'm creating a new acronym( which I hope is credited to me and which allows me to gain some capital.)

Ok, here's my acronym-- GS. It could be grinning slightly but I want it to be giggling softly. If you use this in your future communications please at least give me a trackback.

The hours is swiftly approaching godliness and I have faith that this will be a super day. Hope you do too!!

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