Monday, May 4, 2009

a very brief history of minnetonka tea

Again I wake at this ungodly hour. And, then I pause and think that this insinuates that god prefers certain hours. What a crock! Right? I mean, there is no way that god would think that only certain hours are worth his time.

This hour does feel kind of ungodly and and I wonder if that's is just because of what I was taught or if god really just does sleep and is not around.

I'll certainly never get the answer to this. It appears that the tea is something I will need to move on from as it is too trippy and when I look over my older blog entries I feel as if readers will get confused as the voice is different from earlier entries.

I finally got the right google keyword and found this link for minnetonka tea,

I would make it clickable but blogger won't let me and my threats to take my whole blog to wordpress hasn't seemed to alarm them into any action. So, I finally was able to research this tea and I'll cut and paste it for you as the link isn't working due to Blogger's unconcern.
" Minnetonka tea is a blend of calamine and sunni leaf and it is considered a "strong tea." It's history goes back to the dinosaur age as fossils with traces of this tea have been found. The tea was around since the beginning of B.C but documents of only A.D experiences with this tea are available to the modern tea scholar.
Minnetonka's use is first mentioned in the Koran and then in the bagvad gita but under another name. In 1800 A.D, after a rash of strange behaviors it was all but discontinued . An enterprising Turk by the name of ,Urfat Trank ,unsure whether the tea was blessed or cursed( but sure that money could be made) began hoarding the tea leafs and sending them via boat to Italy and Greece. There the tea was held responsible for another rash of strange behaviors and some very nutty poetry and the government outlawed it in 1812 A.D. Back then this tea was called Urfiz and it was rennamed Minnetonka by the American Indians, as one would imagine as Minnetonka sounds American Indian. Today, after centuries of scholars and scientists being mystified by this tea it has been revived as a Gourment tea and has been sold since 2008 at select shops and the internet. The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf has not carried as a rule but in late 2008 it could be found at the T-Zone in larchmont village(los angeles, ca) the Tea top in downtown in downtown Santa Cruz, and on the internet."

Well, that's it. That's all I could find and I pasted it for you. If I find more I wlll include it in an upcoming blog.

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