Sunday, June 28, 2009

PLeeze before you buy a kindle investigate it's effects on our envirornment.

"He grabbed his crotch, and no one said anything. It was obscene. Why didn't anyone say anything."

Back at Alisa's again for court and her mother just said this and I don't get how insensitive she could be at this time. When Noam Chomsky dies she better not say things like that!~

Just heard the plastic alert on NPR and Malibu California has outlawed plastic bags. YAY. I'm now trying to find out if Kindles are earth friendly. Methinks they are not!

Alisa's mother just said this about ed mcmahon.

"The news just said they'd talk about him but they ended up only talking about Michael. What was Ed Mcain really, but a second hand rose?"

I need to be done with this family by the time my heros start to pass on!

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