Sunday, June 28, 2009

Iranian Revolution plug

Billy Mays passed today and so did the Iranian Revolution if something death affirming doesn't happen there soon.

Bloggers unite is sponsoring a support day tomorrow, but I just can't wait to lend my suppport and I hope they aren't angry with me. When the coroners report comes back with Michael Jackson's death reason, I'm sure that you can start up again. Remember, human rights rock and Burkahs suck and I just hope one day you can walk around with your hair showing if not flowing. I have a short lesbian hairstyle but I still cherish my right to show it and to wear shorts and an ultra comfortable sandals. Not to mention a tank top tho I'm quite heavy in the arms.

I'm a little stressed out that Obama is writing letters to the Jackson family while Iranians are being violated and murdered etc. I guess he doesn't like to meddle. I totally respect that and I too think the Iranians should have their space, but it appears that not meddling killed the revolution. We'll see. Calm waters preceded the tsunami, as they say.

It's like a major death week, isn't it?Death everywhere and weird ones all. Carradine hanging with a shoelace on his manhood, Anal Cancer for a Charlies Angel, Michael Jackson dropping dead and usurping Farrah's moment, and then Billy Mays...

I feel like pretty soon I'll be stuck with Miley Cyrus and the gangs from the tv teen shows and just feel like a relic. LOL.

this following a bunch of other mysterious deaths(Vegas guy, Lucy Gordon)

Sigh. I'll just try to compartmentalize it and then process it, and hope that no one dies till next month.

Stay safe, you guys, and pleeze join bloggers unite to lend your voice to a very possibly awesome revolution in Iran. The word "awesome" is still with us but not as much. I love it. Alisa my webmistress won't even be friends with those who say "awesome" and I think that's BIZZARRO. She lets me use the word because she doesn't consider me a friend but the other day I heard her sister telling her how this friend of hers has been using that word and they both were just ready to cut someone loose based on that???? Whatever.



cara said...

I hear ya!

THis blog is very cool and smart!

Tarra Slovan said...

thanks cara!