Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I missed you guys

Pretty low turnout at the Free Iran bloggeresr Unite sponsored potluck. At last count (and a day later) only 7 individuals, and 3 are the types to just bring Shasta Soda and pretend they had some trauma that makes it "okay."
Then if that's not enough I took a lunesta and had the weirdest nightmares. I dreamt that just as the Iranian Revolution took off again Madonna got into a princess diana level car crash and this stanched this awesome revolution yet again. Then I had like a hundred and 20 other freaky nightmares- that Adam Rich from Eight is enough kind of never got much taller and had drug problems and so did Danny from the partridge family but he got tall enough and that farrah fawcett and Michael Jackson died on the same day and this caused "newsroom chaos," and in referring to to Micheal Jackson, Geraldo said "His spending problems should stop now that he's ... dead" . I woke up in a lukewarm sweat and swore off that damned lunesta. Trippy stuff and I just can't handle trippiness so well anymore.

Then I had a dream that I made this joke on stage and killed, " He was as wrinkled as Methusellah's sharpei." Then this dream/nightmare had be blogging about it and then Alisa, who is now in the process of being fired by me, wrote a poem about Farrah Fawcett and wasn't even ashamed and then she wrote to Fuzz that they were bozos and wasn't afraid one bit. In this nutso dream she bucks herself up by pretending that she has a terminal disease.

Woohoo. Nostradamus we need you. Why? Because Farrah did pass. THAT WAS REAL, you guys. Of course an Iranian revolution being quelled by a celebrity issue(however serious!) was just a dream but I still am curiuos what Nostradamus would think as of late. Anyone have his contact info?

Tons of issues and activities have transpired since we last "spoke" but if I covered them all I'd look like a NEEDY MANIAC. Har. As it stands, since twitter I've been feeling really long winded over here and haven't promoted this blog for months. If you google Tarra Slovan you'll see the last time I tried to branch out visa vis blog concerns.

I guess I really don't have anything great to tell you guys but touching base is always good and I'm not under any impression that this blog is toxic so I'm good to go, you guys.

Yesterday, I asked Alisa via text what her red flags where in relationships and she texted back(it took like 3 hours as her fingers are large and her phone keyboards small) that her pet peeve is people who are all about their pet peeves and who say things like "What are your red flags in relationships." she went on and on but that's all I cared to read. Delete. Punch. Enter. Red Flag AY LURT. Har.

So, I thought I escaped her but then she's written me an e-mail(bigger keyboard, much less time but still....) and she's going off like for threeeeeeeeeee pagesssssssz on this topic. She starts talking about the awful fling that said stuff like " Own your shit" and how person turned out to be one big stinky red flag and she wishes she cut all ties after the awful ex fling apologized for using therapyspeak one too many times. She's not like obsessed with this awful ex fling but since the awful fling has forced her to have court dates every month it's NORMAL to bring her up in conversation once in a while-- or so Alisa just I'Med me this very minute!!!!!!!!!. When Blanche took our drama to the animal custody courts I too opened myself up to the accusation that I was "obsessed" everytime I mentioned her toxic ass. I joked that if I was obsessed I'd be much more pernicious and prolific. I love P words but they just made me remember that I once again used the word, "person." in the latter sentence somewhere. It really wasn't the latter or the former sentence but somewhere in the middle, I think. Too busy to check. But, anyway, so I again used "person" and I realized that I forgot again that Person is sexist and that it should be Perdaughter if anything or Walletdaughter for that matter. Everyday as of late ,I get assualted with how sexist our languages is and I pig out on wasabi nuts due to the stressors. Those are so YUM.

I hope that might spur some likeminded perdaughter to come here and share with me there favorite snacks when under stress! C'mon, you guys(oh shit. SEXIST) you know how it is to be a womyn.

I'm not one for observations as I find them sort of NEEDY but Alisa wants me to tell you this verbatim, " They really try to jazz up sushi, don't they... with rock and roll allusions. Ha. Jazz. Rock and Roll.. "

I just told her that my battery is dying and that I haVe shut off all my communication devices. She'd have to be totally clairvoyant to ever find out and she is not, thank godess.
But, she'll find a way to piss me off sometime today. I can't wait till my new life coach(loooong story) starts next week and takes care of Alisa for me.

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