Thursday, July 16, 2009

better business beareau or rip off report?

I don't like to sound aggressive but... I just ripped a cashier a new asshole. I'm in L.A again and it turned out I wasn't allergic to gluten much less whey so my budget again doesn't permit only organic. So, I had to get kitty food at Ralphs and almost got tricked into buying into their buy 10 and get something like 5 dollars off deals. I've been burned by those before. Anyhow, back to me reaming out that damned cashier. "Is plastic okay?'
I wouldn't know what exactly to say last year but now I know that that is a leading question and I can object!

Is plastic Ok is not a yes and no answer and that cashier is trying to make it real hard to say, "hey, that's not ok." And, I suspect that is why clothe bags are still the exception rather than the rule and that is why my stress level is out of control before lunchtime and it is why I am more in need of a life coach than ever and can't get over how badly the interviews have been going. More about that later and more about how I found out that gluten is not an issue etc.

But, now I need to finish up my e-mail to Ralph's and get that cashier fired(or even jailed) and then loads of concentrated breaths as I'm pretty sure my heart just palpitated.

p.s I must have been really out of touch cuz I just learned about Acai berry and feel the wings of rational expectation flapping again. Sure, I'm well aware of possible dissapointment and am still getting over the goji berry hoax. Still, natural cures are a passion of mine and I'll keep trying.


james said...

Eyevonne was right. This blog is awesome and I will pass it on to my publisher. It's really brave and funny satire: Kudos to you!

Molly Stevens said...

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