Monday, July 13, 2009

Los Angeles legal blog coming soon

I just realized that in some post I misspelled hemp panties as hemp patines. Totally different! Sorry!

Anyhow, I back in L.A and coming to terms with my gluten issue and very possible dry eye, and the fact that Los Angeles is a very corrupt and sick city.

I read this on and it's kind of negative but I enjoyed it. The writer might have rightous indignation issues and might need to uncover a memory to get past that but I guess I'm just temporarily a judgemental individual and think that this is a must read.


"my godess what a cesspool is L.A. Actually cesspool seems too mild. Los Angeles is sick and the legal system is grotesque. Los Angeles is a douche bag in a cesspool that adjoins a shithole.
Taxpayers, you tax money is being stolen by stupid corrupt punks, and inhumanity is a relentless presence when some freak like Tig Notaro stuffs you into the legal system because she's as rotten and stupid as it gets. Some ugly dried out stranger has targeted me and We refuse to lose. Many cops here are corrupt, the city attorney is corrupt, Judges are nightmares,lawyer hatred is earned, and all the dregs are sending me on a journey that makes me want a grandchild (without the fuss of a child)cause the stories, the stories. There may be such a thing as bad knowledge or at least I know that this new knowledge is painful. I didn't know this and I don't want to know that there are people walking amongst us that are monsters-- Nazis. My darling family and I, for reasons unknown, have been bombarded by monsters. And, sure, the use of the word "Monster,' or "evil" may appear as "hyperbole" and might imply lunacy, but those words were created for a reason and Nazis were very real and I am and will probably always be-- very very sane.

The legal system is stranger and worse than anyone can imagine and I plan to activate myself to really do something to change it. Knowledge is power. That's true. "

But, the big picture is what I see and the dregs won't win against decency and humanity and that is what the dregs will face. No need to mention that the dregs left scummy footprints everywhere and those will be enough to ... eventually. Ah, eventually."


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