Friday, July 10, 2009

late in life gluten resistance experiences

Just learned that I too can't tolerate gluten and so I had to splurge at the Whole Foods. It is the only purveyor of a full line of gluten free frozen dinners and I feel sad that somehow my body is just rejecting gluten but I feel glad that I can go back to Whole Foods and not feel that guilty. I still get my rosemary an quinoa chiabatta at the wholesale whole foods online but it's been weird but good to be shopping with my kind of people once more. Not a plastic bag in sight and workers who are trained in a subtle yet effective way to make you feel that plastic is not an OPTION. I'm particularly enamored by the clothe bag they have for only $14.95 that says " visualize a landfill." Yay.

Alisa my Webmistress has been rehired as I got some funds from my great aunt and I just couldn't juggle all my projects without her help. I can wear many hats but that was just one hat that... was too much. So, bare with me as I still will be forced to vent about her on this blog.
She is stranded in Los Angeles and can't leave till she fixes everything up which is ...whatever. She seems to judge me harshly, doesn't read this blog while working on it, and yet she emailed me just yesterday telling me how the Bruno poster with the yellow lederhosen is on absolutely every bus stop on Santa Monica Blvd, and it's so funny because it literally is mocking 89 percent of those who stroll or drive by that boulevard.

That's her verbatim-- I copied and pasted it etc.

I do not know who bruno or is nor am supportive of her tendency to make mock.

Running out of steam... I suppose it's more lively in Twitter. It feels that lots are still just twittering and still maintaining a presence on Facebook and that's just great but I do like to sometimes just ramble and so I plan to keep blogging as my show of support for blogs. I accidentally wandered into Myspace last Thursday and I just hoped on set my privacy prefences so no once could see me. Ha. Just kidding, but Myspace has really just tanked and online social networkers have shown to be a savvy yet fickle bunch.

Just saw that Carol Leifer is family. Yay again. I never much thought about her pinging or not but now that I see her it's so APPARENT.

Ms. Leifer has life partner and an adopted baby and I want to dedicate this blog to her and to all the late in lifers who stopped hanging in the closet so to speak. Har.

I will tell my coming out story soon so make sure you check in soon.

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