Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pro blog activism and things

I've just noticed some strange score on my blog. 71.5???? What is that about, you geese.

Having a hard time breakilng my "you guys" habit and also some other habits but whatever.

Just saw an article called "Blogs are dead" and I was bummed but then defiant right after. I realized too that there is no such thing as a facebooker or a twitterer so blogs can't die as they are the only cyber form that gives one and identity. It's kind of like crime. Why bother committing a misdemeanor when there is no such identity afforded i.e the felon.

I walk around Los Angeles just staring at things and if some one where to be so confrontational as to ask me "what are you looking at?" I'd say "I'm a blogger. I was going to write a review of this place or whatnot and..."

I've just recently added "blogger" to my identity politics and so I'm going to keep blogging, you geese.

I've come online to warn others of a multitasking accident that happpened to my friend last year. She was so hectic and all that she threw fireworks on the grill and hot dogs in the air last fourth of July. No one was killed but it was very awkward. So, please realize that multitasking is great but there are issues and caution is best.

I gave Alisa a pink slip... LOL. that sounds different that i mean.I haven't fired her yet but plan to. It's just that instead of driving all the way to the goodwill I gave her a pink slip that I don't need since I haven't worn a skirt in so long that the chances that will ever again are NIL.

She doesn't wear skirts either, as far as I know, but she always things she'll start up an ebay business someday so she took it and I hope for her sake she is able to sell it someday. She doesn't seem very good at making profitable decisions. Trust me, not all jews are rich. Trust me.

Got to marinate the tofu dogs and defrost the non whey buns but I do plan on doing my part to keep bloggers apart of this nation.

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