Monday, October 26, 2009

checking in

The cosmos has been treating Tarra very oddly. Alisa installed some tracker and it seems that despite all my sharing of my journey this blog is not well read, to put in mildly.

There was a misconception that this blog was some satire and that led to confusion. I assure you that I am as earnest as a womyn can be. I don't know....

As you might know I'm almost finished with my E-book titled"do it yourself sweat lodge." I'm on the last chapter and I'm trying to include something about the Sedona incident without seeming to exploit the terrible tragedy. Mr. Ray was an inspiration to me back in my days of affluence and I even volunteered to hand out pamphlets at his " Journey into Wealth management" seminar. He wanted me to donate to him but my money was all tied up with Bernie at the time.


Gropius said...

Don't lose hope. You have readers! And it's less intense than any sweat lodge, I'm sure.

forgot my new password for the moment damn said...

hello gropius!

The spa I just came back from didn't result in my death so i'd have to say it wasn't as intense as a sweat lodge. But as they said in my particular spa... "where be my readers?"

Thanks for your kind comments and keep dropping by as I have much wivetales of womyn who are midwifes to share in the coming week.