Sunday, November 1, 2009

Commons sense solutions to hand sanitizers?

reading regaining solvency in seven steps but I can't concentrate:

I’m very disappointed with my self . I’ve been on a raw foods diet since last Wednesday and yesterday I shared a woodfired pizza and a cabernet with an old friend--  not a friend that I know for long but an old friend as in an 87 year old woman I just met at a free non aggressive boxing class. That was bad enough – going off the raw food diet I’d planned to keep till January-- but then I guess the cabernet hit me very strongly and right after I dropped my old friend at the new age nursing home I thought I’d call it a night. I woke up with a headache my hardwoods covered in candy wrappers.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a brownout rather (I’m half brit) a blackout and I remember my door bell ringing and two small things dressed as balloon boy and some new fangled vampire and then I remember a sweet tooth so ferocious and that I forgot to buy candy for the neighborhood children this year… then I remember a children’s scream and a plastic covered hand pulling, resisting, insistent... and you can figure the rest out. This happened when it was just turning dark outside and now it’s morning so I’m feeling more and more secure that the police weren’t called. If indeed they do come I will promise to return the candy and even buy the children more candy . I can’t identify the children so maybe the police having their contact info will be the best outcome as I can make amends.

I just saw a clickable link that says, “ people misusing hand sanitizer.” And I got all fired up with another e-book idea. Unfortunatly the link didn’t work so I don’t yet know exactly what ill can come of such misuse but it sure can’t hurt to have a helping hand and I’ve been using hand sanitizer since before it became a household name.

I doubt sex is involved in this hand sanitizer misuse, I'm now aroused. damn it!


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