Monday, March 16, 2009

As per my last blog-- I don't have rabies either LOL

I went on a foodie retreat sponsored by Alice Waters of Chez Pannisse fame and was so anxious because something went terribly wrong and their was no internet so I was anxious that eyvonne and my other commenters would write things and think I was ignoring them and then I get back and they are nowhere to be found. Cyberspace is wierd, you guys. Anyway, so I tried my best to manage without being able to twitter or blog and I guess I had fun with real people and all but I sure did miss you guys even though I can't tell if you miss me as I don't see evidence of it at this time. Sigh.

I understand that Alice Waters was featured on 60 minutes and that since that episode premiered all her foodie retreats are sold out for 5-6 years. That makes me feel lucky but still upset over some of the incidents that occured at the retreat.
First, as mentioned they did not alert the tech dependant guest of the issues they should have anticipated and the almost non existent phone and laptop access was quite challenging. Then, I learned that I've been drizzling vinaigrettes all wrong practically as long as I've been a gourmand. The teacher who taught about drizzling dressing and glazing exotic fruits class was heterosexist and the minute he learned of my saphic orientation he ceased to be helpful and at times seemed to make me feel downright clumsy when I normally don't consider myself a clumsy individual. I tried to share these problems with my webmaster, Alisa, and all she could do was go on about how she just doesn't buy organic and thinks it's probably a big fake and then she admitted that Me and my only organic vegan types do look healthier than the average bear, and then she went on how she saw the segment on 60 minutes and how great she thinks Lesle Stahl is. She then went on to say that her and her waaaaaaaaaay too interconnected and barely individuated sister and mother also like Leslie Stahl a lot and then she started saying things like she wishes more people were like Leslie Stahl and the she went off how she loves Morley Safer too and thinks he has a really adorable face. I couldn't get in a word in edgewise as she told me about how Andy Rooney needs to just retire because it just doesn't work any more. Whatever, seriosly you guys, and then she had to go and I was left even more anxious to share my issues with someone than before. Duh, I thought, I'll blog about it and hope that it reaches the eyes and mind of someone. OK. OK. I'll admit it I wouldn't mind meeting a progressive woman who shares my passions and sense of play-- a partner in crime, per se, but without committing crimes, of course as I would starve to death in jail. Anyway,my non violent pitubulls who's name is Cassidy Rae, by the way, just isn't enough and my kitties are too old now and seem to have turned on me in favor of my ex life partner ,Blanche. They seem to think I caused our breakup and they refuse to understand that she both overstepped my boundary on two occassions and therefore really caused the breakup and that she was a dog person anyhow. I wish they could see how happy blanche is in her polymorous relationship and how she doesn't even miss them and has never requested custody. But, as much as I love my kitties I just don't think they can understand these human issues and I just will have to tolerate their cold shoulders and threaten to starve them if they don't warm up soon. LOL. I am so kidding. I would neeeeeeeever do that!
Sooooooooooo, I hope I don't regret it tommorow cuz I'm buzzed on Casa Del Toro chardonnay ... But, if there are any progressive uninhibited womyn out there who are not midwives(sorry, too many bad experiences) and whose sense of play and passion burns strong drop me a comment or two and we can expand our communication from there. I have many more descriptive statments I can untilize to describe myself but sleepy time is here. Night!
I totally lost my train of thought and forgot to tell you any updates on what is going on with my life coach and a more detailed accounting of my weekend retreat.


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How can people come and call me a Genius and then just float away???

Come back anonymous. I miss you.