Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cassidy Rae has passed today

I thought my last post which discussed both Leslie Stahl and Alice Waters of Chez Panisse fame might stir a controversy and finally get my blog noticed by a very poweful blog person out there. As it stands, the anonymous commentators have only fed my desire to blog despite the obscurity that tends to haunt me from time to time. You guys, I am blogging to your from the courthouse cafeteria and not because of being in L.A and matters pertaining to the life coach who swindles me not only out of her 150 dollar an hour fees but out of much of my willingness to trust. My willingness to trust is really getting a beating this year, you guys. See, I'm in downtown in the Downtown Napa Valley courhouse set to file papers in the Coppolla courthouse at noon . CRAAAAAAAZY. I know. And the reason that a caring and sharing womyn like me is set to go to be prosecuted has to do with my ongoing wiilingness to trust issues and my dog. As regular readers of my blog know I have a pit bull and that I was informed and believed that my pitbull, Cassidy Rae, was non violent. I believed this because a very progressive ahtanga educator and instructor told me so when she sold me Cassidy Rae when she was a puppy. Zahara, the yoga instructor, told me that she had raised her from infancy and that the puppy was not only trained with genteless but that he was fed a whole foods diet and that there was very little chance that he'd ever digested a preservative much less a pesticide. So, now nearly two years ago today, I took this puppy home and continued what I'd believed to be the care that would demolish any stereotypes when regarding a pit bull. In the last few weeks I did mention in a previous blog entry that he has shown agression when jarring moves occured, but I beg for you to believe that that is the only behavior that causes my mild concern.

Yesterday... Gosh, this is tough... Yesterday... he attacked the organic seed salsesman who came to my home and ... Gosh.. this is tough... he bit off this salesman's scalp and most of his left ear. Thank godess, it stopped there or I'd be facing a felony. The organic seed salesman is in critical condition but it expected to recover and witnesses(my nosy and uptight neighbors) say that the seed salesman didn't make any jarring moves. My dog was then murdered by the police and after investigation they found out that the ashtanga educator and instructor sold me my puppy under false pretenses and that my puppy was a ticking time bomb as the instructor not only barely fed him anything but fed him ALPO and was verbally abusive to Cassidy on many occassions. There is a clause in some b.s statute or whatnot that I as the eventual owner should have made a reasonable inquiry into the upbring up my pitbull and now the prosecution is trying to lay the blame on me and the seed salesman's greedy family is grasping at my assets as we speak.

Gosh... this is tough... I'm reading A.J lansings classic, "When deep breaths aren't enough" and I'm still a nervous wreck and feeling like not only aren't my shakras aligned right and my karma in debate, but that I will need to get like real anxiety medicine or something and pollute my body. The death by murder of my puppy and the fact that my life coach and ashtanga instructor have betrayed me in such a short span of time has really engendered issues that suggest that I'm in crisis. Last night I got home after all this

So, eyevonne et al. now is the time for your to get gmail accounts and leave me comments that permit me to have some idea who you are.

Yes, admittedlly, this is a time of challenge and change for Tarra but I want to make a promise to those who have supported me in the past:
Tarra will fight and make lemondade out of the lemons now thrown at her by her higher power. She will make a lemonade that will be super awesome and healthful.
I anticipate blogging about the justice system in the coming weeks and my relationship to the attorney I will have to obtain ASAP.



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